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Guardian Recap: Episode 9 "The Case of Hanga's Tribe Extinction"

Continuing from the previous episode, the tearful Wang Zheng inform the Chief she wants to return home too Northwestern. The place Zhao and Da Qing first found her many years ago. The Chief, as a man who can’t handle the tears of others, especially when it comes to females, readily agrees. Since Wang Zheng is only a spiritual entity, who can’t hold her solid form, Zhao calls Little Guo to find a lifesize doll so that Wang can make the trip.

The next morning the package arrives, bringing laughter to the crew of SID. Little Guo happened to order an inflatable sex doll as Wang Zheng’s mode of transportation, bringing fury to the usually calm Chief. Who wouldn’t be mad? How dumb is Little Guo? And what site was he looking at that could deliver the doll overnight? With the Doll fully clothed, the crew departs.

Coincidently, the team comes upon Professor Shen’s broken truck on their way to Northwestern. Without fail, both men couldn’t help but engage in more flirtatious banter, accusing the other of stalking no less. Of course, Chief Zhao can never defeat the logical Professor who points out his trip was planned in advance, and they were ahead on the road. Given their destination is one and the same, the Chief insists on sharing the truck with Professor Shen. The better to tease him, his perverted mind reasons.

Since traveling can take a toll on one’s body, especially a weak body like the Chief’s, he uses this excuse to get closer to Professor Shen, literally, by sleeping on him! Both annoyed and delighted, Shen Wei endures the invasion of his personal space. A while later, their truck experiences the harsh, unpaved road conditions and gets stuck in the loose dirt. Professor Shen decides to leave the party to check out the surroundings in the heavy fog. The Chief is not a man who would let this opportunity slide, magically recovers from his “illness”, and even gives his jacket to the Professor, who clearly was not cold. A gesture only a gentleman would do for a delicate maiden.

Once they reach the Village (not without knocking out the Village Chief first, by Lin Jing), the team settles into their accommodations. The place is eerily questionable, with a skull at the entrance to break their steps. The Village Head insists the facility is safe, even though he does not want to stay with them.

As Wang Zheng’s memories return, she starts recalling the history of her homeland. Hanga is a community that was isolated from the outside world. Over time, the residents started slavery as a means to separate the castes. To differentiate the slaves from free men, the enslaved had to wear masks. The skull at the entrance is probably ahead of a sacrifice from hundreds of years ago.

The story is not yet done, when she is interrupted by a single masked man sent by the Village Head in an attempt to scare the crew. Apparently, a few nights before, a security guard was murdered on their land. Thanks to the work of Purple Wig from the previous episode, the Villagers made the assumption that the new guests who arrived after the murder are the culprits. (This is why isolated community is not good for harmony, there is no logic to this train of thought.)

While Zhu Hong and Zhao Yunlan were out scouting, Purple Wig reappears. This Villian never fails to instigate trouble. By using resentment energy as a mean to awaken the ghosts, he encourages the spirits of the past slaves to attack the team. However, the Chief and Zhu Hong come back to rescue the crew just in time, and yet, he is unable to pull the trigger. Due to an unexplained trauma of his past, Zhao freezes. His hesitation prompts Zhu Hong to take his gun and scares off the vengeful spirits. Afterward, she questions his ability as their leader.

While everyone else is asleep, Wang Zheng ventures out on her own. Being the creepy villain he is, Purple Wig watches from afar. The closer she gets to her destination, the more Wang Zheng begins to remember her past and the moment of her execution.

Memorable Quotes:

“Guo Cheng Cheng. You have a urinal above your neck don’t you!” - Zhao Yunlan to Little Guo

"Professor Shen, sometimes I feel like you put a bug on me, that's why I meet you wherever I go." - Zhao Yunlan

"I believe I told you before we have a study tour recently. Instead, it seems like you are tracking me." - Shen Wei

"Our Chief, looks passionate and friendly, but he has a cold heart. This is the first time seeing him like this. And it's towards Professor Shen." - Zhu Hong

"When did you lose your courage?" - Zhu Hong to Zhao Yunlan

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