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Offbeat: Butterscotch's Tale - Iceland Day 1

Day 1: Arrived in Keflavík International Airport 6:06 am. Hardly slept...😂... Icelandair are very small for international travel. We had to check in our carry-ons because even their carry on size limit is much lower than normal American domestic flights.

Iceland Costco: Definitely expensive...😂... but it's better than the normal prices here that are 3 times higher than the US.

A hotdog was 3 dollars! Instead of $1.50 in the US. But it's still cheaper than their normal $8-10 bucks street hotdogs here with flimsy buns. At least they added fresh and dried onions under the hotdog, a plus for those who love onions.

Campsite: Reykjavik Campsite - $24 per person. Bathroom, shower, kitchen, wifi, and free leftover supplies from other campers. We got our half tank gas fuel for free 😉

Reykjavik Waterfront

Weather was misty for the most part, but it was not as windy as we were warned. (Iceland was rated the 4th windiest place to live) We walked for 3 hours exploring until 9 pm, and the sun was still up....😂...midnight sun was no joke.

Restaurant food prices were crazy!

$15 for Miller beer and a shot

$17 for 3 Vietnamese veggie spring rolls

Mini Butterscotch's photobomb: Since Iceland require 4 weeks for pet quarantine, Butterscotch (mini/big) versions are his mascot. 😆

The streets are beautiful! They're so clean, and they're serious when it comes to recycling and reuse. 😊

No bums sleeping all over the streets like Portland 😏

Icelandic's Skyr - Tasted more like thick cottage cheese. $1.29

We'll head East tomorrow to check out the hotsprings. If you've been to Iceland before, suggestions are welcome. We're doing counterclockwise around the Ring Road of Iceland. It's 10pm and the sun is still shining and the birds are still singing...😩

Dinner - Udon with mushroom, black fungus, seaweed, garnishing, and roasted rice tea. 😋

Fun Fact: The population of Iceland has the second highest life expectancy after Japan's Island, Okinawa.

Author's Note: Due traveling and our head editor just recently started grad school, our FF may be delayed this week. Thank your for your patience. 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

*italic - Atsugari


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