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Offbeat: Butterscotch's Tale - Iceland Day 2

Day 2: When life makes you take a detour...just go along with it...

Campsite: Instead of camping like we had planned...we ended up spending the evening waiting for the Midnight Sun at Hjörleifshöfði Cave...due to the fact that our car got stuck trying to get to Pakgil campground...🤦‍♀️

BTW -  4WD is highly recommended if you plan to go on heavy grovel roads...😅

But all was not lost, we decided to have whiskey and dinner by this picturesque location. 

Brennivin... the more shots you take... the better it becomes...

The drive to Krysuvik was beautiful! Black sand everywhere! The landscapes never cease to amaze us! 

First Stop: Up close, Geothermal action! 

I love how Iceland makes all sites so travel friendly! Look at those beautiful stairs! American National Parks need to step up! 

Smelled like spoiled eggs... but gosh it's beautiful! 

Hotspring: Reykjadalur Hot Springs - Butterscotch can't soak... but he got to watch. 😊

One does not do Hotspring without a whiskey Flask by their side...😆

There's sheep everywhere! 😍😍😍 The one above had triplets! 😆

The land is alive! So much Geothermic activity! It's a wonder the birds don't accidentally fall in. Would've made a great lunch!

For those who doesn't want to do the full 4 mile hike can rent an Icelandic Horse for the first part of the trip. They are short and bulky!

Oh.... the sweet, sweet promise of warmth...☺ 

A new favorite for me I love warm rivers/streams!😍

But some pools were too hot to dip in... 😅...we were disappointed we didn't bring fresh eggs to boil...🤔

Finally...after an hour uphill hike! Paradise awaits...😍 Please note, they only have a partially covered changing area. ☺

Verdict - It was well worth the hike! And it's still free to the public! Also there wasn't 300 people and children there to disrupt the serenity and ambiance.

Misty rain started to pour...☺... it felt lovely... but we didn't expect what was about to come...😅

Again...Whiskey is very important...this bottle definitely saved us on the trip back..

Because the weather took a 180 degree turn,  we were bombarded with heavy wind and rain. 😖...we barely made it down the slope! Just kidding! We're accustomed to crazy weather! We're from the Northwest after all! 💦

After changing out of our rain-soaked clothes...lunch was perfect....still shaken from the rain... but the view was amazing!

And we had free wine from a new friend we met at camp! It pays off to many freebies! 🤤

Pinot Gris was too sweet...😅...but we can't waste alcohol...

Dinner: Sheep Head...Icelandic specialty. Yes...I finished it.  Someone was too scared after a few bites....🙄 

I saw teeth...😱

A head suppose to have teeth! 😝


 Atsugari buzzed...😂🤣😂

Fun Fact: Iceland being the 4th windiest country is no joke.  😂

Author's Note: Due to lack of service, future posts may be delayed...but if we don't respond for a few days...or weeks, please notify the authorities we were taken by the White Walkers marching South. 😅 

Please also arrange a viking burial if our bodies are discovered...🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

*Italic - Atsugari

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