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Offbeat: Butterscotch's Tale - Iceland Day 3

Day 3:  Woke up to the sound of waterfall and camping was a wonderful idea...😁 

Was much warmer than camping in Reykjavik I definitely approve of car camping! 😉

Butterscotch approve! 

Campsite: Svinafell Campground. Definitely worth our trip! Glacier, misty mountain range, waterfall... sheep and horses to boot! 

Very serene nothing you'd get often back in the states.

Doesn't open until 17:00...but you can set up your tent and pay when they're open. Family owned establishments set their own schedule. 😄 There's only two showers, but they're free! Don't camp by the national park which is 12 minutes away, which cost more and would charge you 6 bucks per 7 minutes shower. 

Our tent blended in with the background...😆 

We finally napped with the sun shining and the birds chirping 😊

Beautiful early morning fog. 

Next Stop: Skaftafell / Vatnajökull National Park

Gorgeous drive to the National Park. 

Can you spot Atsugari? 

Skaftafell Fall: Hexagon Columnar Basalt

It's like tetris and a waterfall...

Don't forget to smell the flowers. 

Glacier Stroll:

Testing the glacier water. 

Snack: Bread, apple, Icelandic Butter, and of course some Highland Whiskey. 🤤 

This wards off the chill emanating from the glacier 😬 My fingers nearly froze off...

Mini Butterscotch was still sleeping in the tent, so Plush Butterscotch was there for the photoshoot. 

The drive back was stunning!  

Nothing like a hot bowl of soup to finish off the day!!! Looking forward to another night of sleeping while the sun is shining and the birds are chirping...(I swear I'm gonna eat lots of birds when I get back for revenge...aka silence of the birds...)😡

Evidence of their homes still exist today. 

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