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Offbeat: Butterscotch's Tale - Iceland Day 3

Day 3:  Woke up to the sound of waterfall and camping was a wonderful idea...😁 

Was much warmer than camping in Reykjavik I definitely approve of car camping! 😉

Butterscotch approve! 

Campsite: Svinafell Campground. Definitely worth our trip! Glacier, misty mountain range, waterfall... sheep and horses to boot! 

Very serene nothing you'd get often back in the states.

Doesn't open until 17:00...but you can set up your tent and pay when they're open. Family owned establishments set their own schedule. 😄 There's only two showers, but they're free! Don't camp by the national park which is 12 minutes away, which cost more and would charge you 6 bucks per 7 minutes shower. 

Our tent blended in with the background...😆 

We finally napped with the sun shining and the birds chirping 😊

Beautiful early morning fog. 

Next Stop: Skaftafell / Vatnajökull National Park

Gorgeous drive to the National Park. 

Can you spot Atsugari? 

Skaftafell Fall: Hexagon Columnar Basalt

It's like tetris and a waterfall...

Don't forget to smell the flowers. 

Glacier Stroll: