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Offbeat: Butterscotch's Tale - Iceland Day 4

Day 4: Go where the wind takes you...

Breakfast: Miso soup, fruits, hardboiled eggs, toasted wheat bread and unsalted Icelandic Butter 🤤 

It was one of the best breakfasts ever!! 



No picture can not express how we truly felt.

Lucky me! My guardians found a perfect ice sculpture for my photoshoot! 

Oh thanks the spirit of Iceland elves...

I cannot say the same for my ice sculpture...😭

But the views were amazing. Sheeps were everywhere!

Iceland... even when the weather is terrible... the gorgeous landscape makes you want to stay...

Midland Drive to North of Iceland:


Great for a little 10pm exploration after a long day of driving! 😄

This was beautiful from the drive... but up lifted our spirits by several notchs...

Glacial water of Iceland was rumored to be the most pristine on earth... we're testing the theory ...😉

All that to quench our thirst, I didn't succumb to the rapids🤣 No polar bear dive this time 😉

Campsite: Instead of camping, we decided to drive to the waterfall to spend another night in our car. Yes,  we're taking advantage of the midnight sun. 

Fun Fact: Stone Cairns - Viking settlers made these as landmarks on their expeditions. Early settlers also use them to travel. They're protected and never to be tampered with. These are historic landmarks, so please do not disturb them!!! Tourists are known to stack or destroy them during their visits. Please keep these historic relics undisturbed for future generations. Thank you!

Author's Note: For those of you who thought they needed to arrange for the Viking burial ceremony... we're sorry to inform you we're still alive and well.  It takes more than stormy weather to take us down.  Mother Nature of Iceland Elves! Do your worst! 😝

And woke up to snow...😖 Shhh....🤫🤫🤫... they don't have to know that yet...😅 

Italic: Atsugari

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