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Offbeat: Butterscotch's Tale - Iceland Day 6

Day 6: It's not just the destination... but the journey itself.

Heading out for another road trip!

#roadlife 😆

We can't get enough of the landscape.

So scenic and beautiful it's like an addiction

Glaumbaer Museum:

Beautiful rare but lovely...

Reminds me of chia pets except it's on houses...

Back in the day they lived in tiny little houses, I wonder how did the people fit through the door since they are so tall.

No wood? No biggie. Cut a block section of grass, roots, and dirt - pile them up like an igloo, and you got yourself a well dry insulated home! 😊

Too cold? Have a fireplace inside.

Tea Time: Yellow Tea House

Old Icelandic Style Tea room

This was amazing!! Everything was locally made from the locally smoked lamb on buttered homemade rye bread and skyr cake (yogurt cake)

The smoked lamb was smoked by burning old dirt while hanging the meat. It produce a distinctly unique smoke flavor that's out of this world!!😋

Also their rye bread was much tastier than other places.

These mismatched china sets are so cute!😍


The Valley of the Horses...