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Offbeat: Butterscotch's Tale - Iceland Day 7

Day 7: Winding down...heading back to civilization...oh the horror! 😭😭😭

Roadtrip: Nostalgic roadtrip home...we miss you sheep of Iceland! 

We were seriously debating if we could kidnap one of the cute lambs. 😅


Finally trying Icelandic Street Food!

I love the lamb soup here! They're so fresh! 

The most unique tasting Seafood soup! 

Definitely changed my perspective of what  a seafood soup should taste like 🤤

So much food! 

Atsugari finally got her revenge...😅

Yaaaas!! That duck was so satisfying...😈 

Butterscotch was excited to dig in!

Espresso Martinis ☺

Streets of Reykjavik 

Sunday in Reykjavik! 

It's raining... and these folks started dancing to Salsa music! 😆

Campsite: Another night in our car...since we're too lazy to set up our tent. 😅 At least the view is amazing!

Hanging out and watching the midnight sunset...🤔

Fun Fact: 17th of June, is Icelandic National Holiday of Independence from Denmark! 

Author's Note: Iceland turn out to be quite affortable if you do your research.  😁 

*Italics: Atsugari

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