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The Dragon and the Wolf's Characters

Die Feng -- Crown Prince of the West Sea

Animal: Midnight Blue Dragon

Age: 158,500

Personality Type: THE DEFENDER “Protector”, ISFJ

Martial Weapon: Sword

Strengths: Memory, eye for detail and martial arts

Weakness: Family

Attraction: Playfulness

Background: As the Crown Prince of the West Sea Kingdom, Die Feng is responsible for the life of his people. His parents, who have always depended upon him, are unaware of the crisis around the corner. The citizens are suffering from an unknown ailment that threatens to destroy the very foundations of the kingdom. Once the 1st Disciple of Kunlun under the High God Mo Yuan, now the West Sea Crown Prince, Die Feng has his own role to play in preserving the peace within the Celestial Realm. Commanding, responsibility, and leadership were his life, yet, something else came along that became more important than his calling. The man who never stepped away from his designated path took a detour eons ago. Will he be lost or will he reach his destination? Only fate will tell.


Li Ying -- Princess of the Yellow Demon Tribe

Animal: Grey Wolf

Age: 135,500

Personality Type: THE CAMPAIGNER “Champion”, ENFP

Martial Weapon: Chain Whip

Strengths: Assassin techniques and sense of smell

Weakness: Sweets

Attraction: Shyness and sincerity

Background: Once the sheltered Princess of the Yellow Demon Tribe, Li Ying had everything she could ever want, or so thought her over-protective blood brother, the one who kept her caged. Despite her sombre past, she sought to live life to the fullest, with joy and laughter and innocence within a world that had none. Li Ying liked to make friends; connections with the world outside the Demon Realm that never felt like home. Refusing to be weak like others wanted her to be, she learned martial arts from assassins, roamed the land of mortals to seek knowledge and adventure, and cultivated privately. Unfortunately for Li Ying, her brother was the great Yellow Demon King, who sought to destroy all worlds. When she tried to stop him, he cursed her to eternal torment within the body of her true form. Will she finally be set free?


Zheng You -- 5th Disciple of Kunlun, General of the Celestial Tribe

Animal: Blue Moutain Panther

Age: 151,600

Personality Type: THE ENTREPRENEUR “Promoter”, ESTP

Martial Weapon: Flame Lance

Strengths: Crossing Realms and Manipulation

Weakness: His Mother (Lady Mu Lan)

Attraction: Strong-will

Background: “The hybrid”, “the mixed breed”, often he was called, but Zheng You was proud of his origins. With luck only a few possesed, Zheng You became the 5th Disciple of the High God Mo Yuan from Kunlun Mountain. The High God took an interest in his origins, and provided medicine for his ailing mother when he tried to steal the elixir himself. Zheng You’s father was the original heir to the Blue Panther tribe, but due to jealousy and prejudice, his life was taken too early. Now that Zheng You is a powerful General in his own right, no one, Demon or Celestial, no matter the tribe, can bully him into submission. Despite residing at Kunlun for most of his life, his favorite residence was always Zhu Long Gu, a place that doesn’t ask about one’s origins.


Rui Fan -- Li Ying’s bodyguard, from Demon Tribe

Animal: Deer

Age: 134,900

Personality Type: THE EXECUTIVE “Supervisor”, ESTJ

Martial Weapon: Sword

Strengths: Hearing and Prey alertness

Weakness: Fragrances

Attraction: Open-minded

Background: Captured by the Demon Tribe at a young age, Rui Fan was destined to die as a prisoner of war-- but fate had other plans and a gentle hand took hers. Instead of enduring the dark fate that lay within the dungeons of the Yellow Demon King -- Rui Fan was trained to become a warrior in the land where her kind’s powers are suppressed. Without the mixed blood which often benefited other warriors, she had to pull herself through the ranks with her own perseverance. Warriors of Demon tribes were divided into designated roles. Assassins, guards, soldiers, spies, and the highest rank of all, bodyguards of the royals. Those who were not powerful cultivators, especially if female, were often reduced to the role of enchantress or enchanter, better known as courtesans, who used their wiles to collect intel for their master. That was a fate Rui Fan would have died rather than succumb to. Instead, she rose to the rank of royal guard in record time, impressing the Yellow Demon King himself. Now that the King is gone she is determine to protect the last remaining royal of the Yellow Demon Tribe.


Xian Cai -- Die Feng’s bodyguard, from the West Sea Kingdom

Animal: Pistol Shrimp

Age: 100,700

Personality Type: THE LOGISTICIAN “Inspector”, ISTJ

Martial Weapon: Sling and sword

Strengths: Sneak attacks

Weakness: Seeds

Attraction: Intelligence and competence

Background: His father a palace guard, Xian Cai grew up in the Crystal Palace after Die Feng had departed to study at Kunlun. Extremely loyal to the West Sea, Xian Cai grew up respecting rules and traditions. A pistol shrimp, he is particularly good at sneak attacks and is a lightning fast fighter despite his slow and stubborn personality which causes people to underestimate him. Some years ago, Xian Cai fell in love with the good humoured, no-nonsense head cook of the palace when she started borrowing herbs from his garden and married her, becoming the father of two children soon after. It was a huge honour for Xian Cai to be selected as Die Feng’s bodyguard during the Mermaid War. Xian Cai always took his responsibility as bodyguard very seriously and idolised responsible Die Feng until the Prince got involved with the Yellow Demon Princess. Die Feng’s behaviour since then has often been a source of worry for Xian Cai but he maintains a respectful distance, knowing it is not his place to reproach the Crown Prince.

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