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BTSS#4: Jasmine’s Fate Vol. 2 - Chapter 10 Preview

Ziming Palace, Ghost Realm

“Why did you do it?” Like an uninvited guest, his voice broke through the breeze of the night air. Lou Jun stood before the questionable Suitor, who managed to evade him for quite some time.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about?” the Fox answered simply, ignoring the disgruntled man as he strolled passed him. Bai Wei sat down on his bed and casually removed his shoes. “I didn’t expect visitor at the dead of night. I assured you I don’t harbor such amorous thoughts, even a beauty tempting as yourself.”

“Bai Wei, stop playing games,” 8th Disciple fired back. Refusing to be distracted, he turns to face the Fox. “You injured me on purpose that night, right before Yan Zhi arrives,” Lou Jun emphasized, “You were also the only one who defended me during the Banquet. Did Seventeenth put you up to it?”

“You caught me,” Bai Wei admitted with a bright smile, even though the mirth never reached his eyes. Leaning back on his elbows, the Fox continued calmly, “Her Majesty asked me to assist you.”


“Let’s just say, the Celestial Queen felt inclined to help her Senior,” the Fox shrugged. “Since you had not succeeded with your courtship….Let’s say 20,000 years or so...”

“I don’t need her help. Or yours,” Lou Jun growled under his breath, with a slight humiliation, he was unable to refute the statement.

“Oh, you do, even if you don’t want to admit,” the Fox baited, eerily reminded Lou Jun of his former juniors tactics. Are all foxes like this? The meddlesome lot who are bored with the peace they were blessed. “If not for me, you wouldn’t have had the opportunities to have the Ghost Queen fallen into your arms.”

“Stop this now!” 8th Disciple snapped. He stalked towards the Fox, with each decisive step, his anger grew. “I will not resort to those tactics to win her.”

Bai Wei met him halfway, toes to toes, they face each other. The narrowed slit of Bai Wei’s eyes sparkled mischievously, yet his challenging tone was undeniable. “Is she not worth it?”

Puzzled, Lou Jun asked, “What do you mean?

“Is she not worth your pride? Your Honor? Enough to let go of your noble intentions?” the Fox asked, until the final blow strike, “Don’t you want her?”

“How dare you question me!” Lou Jun snarled, resisting the urge to break his composure.

“I see,” the Fox took several steps back, he shook his head in disappointment. “You are not here to win her heart after all.”

“Bai Wei!”

“She deserves better than a man who allows his righteousness to dictate his actions. Please don’t waste my time if there are doubts about your commitment. When your conviction to win the Ghost Queen’s hand wavers.”

“There are no doubts,” Lou Jun fiercely denied. Even knowing these were taunting words, he couldn’t help himself but took the lure. This Fox, untrustworthy as he was, happened to be right. “I’ll do anything to win her, but want her heart.”’

“Aren’t you a noble soul,” Bai Wei complimented, though his words did not match his tone. “Then, we shall start your lesson?”

“First, you have to answer me one question,” the 8th Disciple demanded. His instinct kept gnawing at the familiarity Lou Jun could not place. "Who are you?"

Bai Wei settled himself on the edge of his bed with casual ease. “I’m the Celestial Queens’ most trusted confidant. The Goddess’ advisor from the shadows. It is my job to perform my duties with the utmost care, so the Celestial Queen’s Senior would succeed in his courtship."

He's not lying, yet, there's still something deceptive beneath those words. Who is this man?


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