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The Tangential Thoughts of MiniOrchid #3

The Black Lord (CDrama 48 Episodes, Youtube Engsub Ongoing )

Ye Xiao Tian(Joe Xu, Lost Love in Time), a sleazy warden at Ministry of Justice of the Ming dynasty, who spent his day skimming money from the high-level prisoners. Due to his greed, he grants a dying man’s wish to deliver his “Will” to his family. Ye Xiao Tian leaves for capital and travels to Huguang province, but after a few coincidences and many factors, he ends up becoming a fake government official.

This Drama low budget comedy has unexpectedly drawn my interest the more I watch. While the characters have their quirks, this slice of life story home into their insecurities, and how they could harness those fears into strengths. There is nothing human can’t do if they learn to support one another. Ye Xiao Tian even gave a heartfelt speech -- that even if upon a moment of insanity, where the will to fight the corrupt was instantaneous, it would mean nothing if they back down later. Seriously, the most badass scene is watching this imposter in clutches with a broken arm, who was still motivated to arrest the wrongdoers, performing the duty that no other officials can.

Grey’s Anatomy (Nico x Levi ONLY)

Fifteen seasons and going strong! That being said, there is nothing that could entice me to want to watch Grey’s, until the clip of Nico and Levi kiss on the elevator pops up on my youtube suggestion. Boy...was I in shock. Damn….That was a great kiss! The dialogues were even more hilarious when Nico rejects Levi after finding out that was his first kiss. Which means, he has not yet come out of the closet. The flustered Levi responds with, “I thought this is a teaching hospital!”.

There are very few gay storylines in dramas, films, or sitcom (unless we’re talking about Will & Grace). Even rarer is the story that removes the typical stereotypes we often see. While Nico is a hot half Asian stud who already done his coming out party, Levi aka Glasses, is a Dungeon & Dragon nerd who is unaware of his sexuality until now. But don’t take Levi as a timid Uke because of his awkwardness, because he is one sassy Glasses once he starts babbling like an adorable puppy.

Vassalord (Anime/Manga)

Similar to any BL storyline, the relationship of Charley and Rayflo are ambiguous with a sexual undertone. To makes matter even more complicated, Rayflo is a full vampire, the Master and the source of Charley’s food (blood). Since his vassal, who he calls Cherry, refuses to drink human blood to sustain his vampire/cyborg body, Rayflo the sadist/masochist enjoys seducing him to succumb to his basic needs. To add the ‘cherry’ on top, Charley is also a vampire hunter for the Vatican.

As a common theme in all vampire stories, mortality is called into question. There are those who seek to live forever, while others could care less. In the end, it is the bond between two kindred souls and time they spend together that is more valuable than immortality itself. One of my favorite BL manga. Although there is an OVA of the first volume, there is no sign of full animation of the rests of the series.

Watchlist: (New Stills)

Legend of Hao Lan

The Fated General

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