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Guardian Recap: Episode 13 "The Case of the Wedding Crashers"

Continuing from where the scene left off, Da Qing is still aggressively attacking the poor fruit vendor, Brother Wang. The SID team, who was not far behind, captured their rabid cat. With a lure of fried fish from Uncle Lee, Da Qing is reduced to a purring kitten, until he regains his senses.

At Huang Qilin and Lee Jiaqi’s wedding, not long after the vows, Zhang Yi called out to her Brother Tan Xiao. Her voice, once spoken, causes the guests to behave aggressively. As the guests started to attack each other, Bride and Groom included, Professor Shen arrived. With his powers, he froze time in order to capture Zhang in action, but Purple Wig snatched her before he could. Unbeknownst to them, there is another guest amongst the crowd who captured their exchange. It seems like freezing time does have a limit, because Shen couldn’t pull the same magic trick as he did before. Luckily for Professor Shen, the SID team arrived after he used his dark powers to release the guests from the enraging spells.

The Chief, reaching his last thread of patience, started to berate the Professor for showing up at all the crime scenes, but he cut himself off short when he realised Minister Gao was also present. With a protective instinct of Lioness defending one’s mate, Zhao shielded Shen Wei from the Minister’s attention. However, to the Chief’s surprise, Minister Gao was not suspicious of Shen, but was gracious towards the Professor’s assistance during the attacks. Even though most victims are not heavily injured, there was one casualty, the Bride’s father. Though the old died before the young, how can a daughter accept such a fate on her wedding day?

Once all the guests have been sent to the hospital, the two are finally alone. Zhao Yunlan, unlike his usual self, shows his darker aura, an unfamiliar side of which Professor Shen has yet to know. Even though the Chief pointed out the obvious, Professor Shen still played ignorant of Zhao’s accusations. Their conversation is interrupted when an uninvited wedding guest was found to be under mind control, but is quickly subdued by the SID team. As it turns out, the reason he was unaffected before is because he had his headset on. With the questionable guest taken to the hospital by Da Qing and Lin Jing, Zhao tries to recruit Shen Wei once more, but to no avail.

Purple Wig suddenly has a newcomer, but too bad she’s not the type who wants to play Chess with him. Ya Qing, the matriarch of the Crow Yashou clan, also answers to the same mysterious boss. She reminds him the girl is a ticking time bomb right before she departs. In another part of town, Lao Chu our hero, came to rescue Little Guo from the clutches of the Snake Yashous. For a species that don’t interfere, they seem to be all over the place. We also learn that the reason why Zhu Hong is ‘less evolved’, as Professor Shen suggested, is because she may be a half Yashou.

Chief Zhao, with an instinct of a wild dog, sniffed his way back to the scene of the crime. As it so happens, Tan Xiao has been residing there. Of course, with a dramatic effect only the Chief could pull, he appears playing the violin before the surprised Professor. Zhao, wearing an attitude of a checked mate opponent, demands answers from Shen Wei. How is it possible for the existence of Tan Xiao at the lab, when he was last seen with the Black Cloak Envoy. Still, our Professor dances around the interrogation, insisting his desire to keep Zhao safe.

Again, the man who likes to crash all parties, Purple Wig interrupts the love birds’ domestic dispute. With Zhang Yi’s powers, they captures Zhao before Shen’s eyes. Professor Shen quickly offers himself as a trade, going as far as dressing up for the occasion. (Seriously, Purple Wig already knew who he was. Why is Black Cloak showing off again?) Of course, there is a reason why someone like Zhu Jia will forever be an underling, because instead of taking down the King to win the game, he decides to kidnap the Queen instead. Whoever his boss is really needs to evaluate the job applicants before hiring them.

Case in point, Zhang Yi has been hiding the Hollows from Purple Wig until he delivers Tan Xiao back to her. This man is so incompetent, he is being trailed around by a mere child. Knowing that Tan Xiao is probably in the custody of SID, Purple Wig uses the mind controlled Zhao to break into the Department. Zhu Hong, who just stood by and allowed Zhao to shoot her, fell to the ground. Professor Shen arrives shortly after and tries to talk sense into the spellbound Chief, but Zhao pulls his gun on him, as he did with Zhu. With a direct shot, Shen falls to the ground.

Believing all is going well, Purple Wig asked for the Hollows from Zhang Yi. Unbeknownst to him, Professor Shen rose from the dead at the exact moment Zhao turns his gun on Zhu Jiu. Zhu blocked the shot with his arm and held Zhang Yi hostage. The Chief, who was never controlled by Zhang Yi since the beginning, informs Purple Wig that he is wearing an interference earpiece, created by SID’s staff. (Most likely by Lin Jing)

Shen Wei knew of this when he checked on Zhu’s injury, which was only a scratch from Zhao’s bullet. During their tussel, the Professor told the Chief to pull out his gun, while Zhao winked with acknowledgement. Of course, the dumbfounded Shen still wants to know how long was the Chief lucid. Zhao, with his triumphant smile, informs his mate he just wanted a tame partner at his side.

Memorable Quotes:

“I...Did I bring you trouble?” - Shen Wei

“If you are the trouble, it is better to take dozens, to bother my whole life.” - Zhao Yunlan

“For me, myself, there is not too much that I decide to insist on. But since I’ve decided to figure you out, I won’t act dumb. But for now, it seems I was tricked by you.” - Zhao Yunlan to Shen Wei

“We [Guardian/SID] are the spirit which is willing to sacrifice in order to protect the people around us.” - Guo Chang Cheng to 4th Uncle

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