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Mei Shu & Wang Jing: BL's Novel Vol. 1 "Eagle's Prey" - Prologue

“No need to waste time General. I’ll begin my examination immediately. Could you please remove all of your clothing?”

There was a long silence in the room. Wang Jing winced, both mentally and physically, as he turned onto his back. Ah, the pain in his side still hadn’t subsided. Then he caught his first glimpse of the Eagle with the droning sardonic tone. He was tall and lean. But the face atop the wide shoulders was striking and immediately drew all of his attention. The eyes gazed down upon him stoically, yet it was the hint of humor in the deep brown depths that had him blinking in consternation.

Wang Jing recovered quickly. He had a good sense of humor and enjoyed a good verbal sparring session, “If you want a look, you’ll have to undress me yourself.”

The smile in Mei Shu’s eyes deepened as they imperceptibly narrowed. “Then I should introduce myself first.” He set his box of elixirs down on the stone night stand closest to the bed. “I am Mei Shu, Mediator of the Imperial Eagle Clan.”

Wang Jing raised an eyebrow, “mediator? Didn’t you tell my Didi1 you were a healer? I don’t think a mediator is qualified to treat wounds. Unless you have an ulterior motive for approaching me.” Wang Jing watched Mei Shu intently, taking in the slight changes in his full lips as they minutely compressed in response to his comments. Yes, he was a mediator. This clan was trained at a young age to keep their facial expressions to a minimum. It was imperative to remain neutral, not just with words, but body language as well.

“Would you feel flattered if I said yes?” Mei Shu teased as he gazed down at him.

Wang Jing suppressed the urge to laugh. He wouldn’t give in to Mei Shu’s prodding.

Mei Shu bent over him, and suddenly pulled the coverlet from Wang Jing’s side. “It seems you aren’t healing as fast as you should with just your cultivation.”

Wang Jing looked down at the red circle on his left side that had seeped through his blue robe. He sighed, his movements must have disturbed the dressing. the next moment, Wang Jing felt gentle cool fingers pull the edges of the robe apart. The butterfly touch disconcerted him.

Mei Shu was dabbing at the wound with a vial of medicine in one of his hands by the time Wang Jing blinked out of his reverie. Wang Jing took advantage of the close proximity to look down and study the intent look on Mei Shu’s face as he focused on his task. At this angle, Wang Jing could see the long eyelashes that framed the expressive eyes that slightly tilted up at the corners. His gaze traveled to the straight nose and full lips and then he took the in the clear pale skin without blemish and the lustrous black hair caught in a simple clasp. Not a hair out of place. This mediator looked as if nothing would disturb his impregnable reserve. How challenging. And Wang Jing certainly liked a challenge.

Feeling those probing eyes, Mei Shu suddenly looked up into them. Wang Jing was immediately captured in the intense gaze. Then he felt those cool calloused fingers slip into his left hand. It startled him. That odd feeling again crawled over his skin, warming him. Mei Shu pressed the hand on the bandage on Wang Jing’s side. “Hold this,” he muttered as he reached around Wang Jing’s back to assist him up into sitting position. He grunted in pain, but Mei Shu steadied him and reached around his torso to continue wrapping the bandage.

An uncomfortable feeling started to take hold of Wang Jing. The air around him seemed to suddenly disappear as Mei Shu brought him close to his chest and his face moved into the curve of the healer’s neck. The scent of agarwood and lotus filled his nostrils. Warning bells went off in his head and Wang Jing jerked his face to the sky to evade the tantalizing scent. In silence and seemingly oblivious to his patient’s distress, Mei Shu continued to treat him, only looking up when he had finished. “The salve should help, but I feel that you will be needed in your duties before it can complete the healing. I will aid the effect.”

Wang Jing felt those hands splaying on his torso and a field of energy hit him, gentle and warm, radiating throughout his entire body. As if it was searching for any other wound to heal, the energy enveloped him. He had never felt anything like this before. Wang Jing closed his eyes and held onto to the sensation to savor it. Comforted, warm, and free from all pain, he felt an almost drugged lethargy when Mei Shu lifted his hands.

From afar, Wang Jing heard the soft clink of bottles being put away and then he could feel the returned presence of the healer above him. The cool air on his muscled chest disappeared as his robes were gently arranged once more and closed. Slowly, and with great effort, Wang Jing’s hand traveled to enclose once more the calloused hand that had treated him so gently.

“Weren’t you supposed to take my clothes off.” His voice was deep and clear but it held a touch of listlessness. His eyes slightly opened with effort.

Mei Shu’s cool face finally softened under his gaze and Wang Jing felt a surprisingly strong grip of comfort on his hand. “You must rest and concentrate all your effort on healing. Your presence will be needed in the following days. Sleep.”

This mediator really had a good bedside manner. Wang Jing’s eyes had grown so heavy, it was a relief to close them and give himself up to the drugged feeling.

Mei Shu continued to hold the strong veined hand of the comatose warrior. He gazed upon it for some time, rubbing his thumb continuously over the rough olive skin between thumb and index finger.

“Have patience General. I’ll soon have you out of all those robes.”


Didi1 - Little Brother


Site Owner's Note: Welcome to our first BL novel on the site! As a fujoshi...I am so incredibly jealous! Mcsmacky beat me to the story of 7th and 10th Kunlun Disciples, Mei Shu and Wang Jing, respectively. But I am sure she will do their journey justice. Please look forward to their adventure together, because TMOPB only hinted of the relationship between Zhe Yan and Bai Zhen's.

Personally, I want to see when Wang Jing will be out of those loose robes....XD ~~ MiniOrchid

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