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Guardian Recap: Episode 4 “The Case of The Blank Face”

As a suspect, Shen Wei turns out to be the provoking type. (I mean who would dare interrogate a fine specimen such as Professor Shen, who does not know the standard operating procedure of an interrogation). First, he chastises Zhu Hong’s evolutionary status among her kind. Then with nerves of steel and a devilish smile, Shen Wei attempts to touch Old Chu’s precious doll. He reasons, with a clear conscience, that there is nothing he should fear.

However, once the Chief takes the reins in the interrogation room, Professor Shen’s confidence shifts. (Professor Shen looks so vulnerable in the Chief’s presence with those heartfelt eyes. His longing looks melted the hearts of all the Guardian Angels who watched the exchange.) The Chief, who could read others like a book, releases the Professor after their short, yet heated interaction.

While Lin Jing, Zhu Hong, and Da Qing are busy debating who the real killer might be, Old Chu has already sent his shadow puppet after another suspect. Lin Yusen turns out to be a wannabe hero who is also after the real serial killer. One of the victims was his crush, who was taken before his eyes. This poor guy begs to assist in the investigation, but the Chief declines his offer.

Professor Shen, who seems to be on sabbatical ever since he met the Chief, also offers his assistance. With Lin Yusen's help, the three men check out the previous crime site for clues. Suddenly, the would-be-victim from the night before, appears out of the bushes, being chased by some unknown Villain in broad daylight. Shen Wei seems to be injured during the skirmish with the Killer, but his injury disappears before Zhao’s eyes.

Zhang Danni is the luckiest victim so far, daring to venture out so early after surviving her initial attack. Not only is she blessed, but she is also strong enough to break away from the Killer. The Chief tests her strength by grabbing her wrist, that unknowingly causes our composed Professor’s eyes to twitch at the display before him. After she leaves with Little Guo as her escort, both men agree that the so-called victim is the most suspicious of all, due to the many coincidences. This conversation also leads the Chief to deduce that Professor Shen was unharmed after many close calls.

That night, Zhu Hong dresses up as the Lady-in-Red, to become the new lure to attract the unsub. While the SID team is setting the bait, Professor Shen and their Chief take their midnight stroll. Their first date is interrupted by none other than Lin Yusen, who is also out setting a trap himself. Knowing Zhao’s belief in man-made coincidences, Shen Wei takes the opportunity to prick his finger. (His injury is so severe, that the Chief makes him go to the hospital because an infection is no laughing matter.)

As anticipated, the Killers have taken the bait, but what the SID team did not expect that their bait (Zhu Hong) and Deputy Da Qing would be kidnapped under their watch. (Professor Shen is right. For a Snake, she has yet to evolve). When Zhao, Old Chu, and Little Guo arrive at the hideout, they find the body of another unknown victim. ( this point, I think I will look for another city to live in, not just transferring schools).

Thankfully, Lin Jing has placed a tracker on Zhu Hong. The awakened Zhu Hong finally shows her real strengths, overpowering the Face Stealing Dixing long enough for reinforcements to arrive. On this rare occasion, lo and behold, our brave Little Guo protects elder sister Hong, like the hero he has always dreamt of being. (Except he nearly peed his pants doing so, and his face is guilt-ridden after the Killer drops to the ground. However, he does not faint this time, so kudos to Little Guo.)

On the way to search for Deputy Director Da Qing, the team is intercepted by Zhang Danni. She wants to trade him for her partner in crime, considering herself his Queen. A Dixing with an ugly appearance, she has been using Jia Hui as her foot soldier to steal the faces of his victims. Her unrelenting drive to appease her hatred towards a world that only cares about appearances. When Old Chu attacks Jia Hui, the unstable Zhang starts to unleash her powers (I’m guessing they are poisonous gases?), but Lin Yusen arrives with a suicide bomb to avenge Little Yan (the crush to whom he never had the chance to confess).

Of course, Black Cloak Envoy arrives at the last minute to save the day and places a shield over the three unfortunate souls. He also informs the Chief that he is taking Lin Yusen’s body as well because he broke the law when he attacked a Dixing.

As it turns out, the real reason why the Black Cloak Envoy takes Lin Yusen’s body away is that it has absorbed dark energy, a "Gift" given by the Dude with the terrible purple wig, (who does not know anything about the etiquette of gift-giving. No wonder, no one wants to play chess with this man. He’s like Jared Leto from Suicide Squad.) Lin Yusen's body becomes an unstable bomb, which can explode at any time. Knowing the Chief’s emotional attachment towards those he protects under his watch, Black Cloak Envoy chooses to hide this fact.

Notable Characters:

Lin Yusen, Human

Zhang Danni, Dixing

Jia Hui, Dixing

Memorable Quotes: (Episode 4, Guardian)

“I’ve heard that the Yashou Tribe still retain some of the powers from the original species. Generally speaking, Snake Tribesmen excel in making medicines, stealthy movement, hypnosis, and explosive force. But from your performance just now, seems like you put acting skills to practical use. Are you not fully evolve?” - Shen Wei to Zhu Hong

“Some lives have worth. Some already been tainted. The latter should be just like a doll, and be utterly sundered.” - Old Chu

“Does the “Wei” [lofty, might] in your name also have a deeper meaning?” - Zhao Yunlan

“It does. Someone very important gave me that name. It has an extraordinary meaning.” - Shen Wei

“What’s precious between friends is intimacy.” - Shen Wei


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