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Guardian Recap: Episode 6 "The Case of Mirror Mirror"

The new case opens up with a distraught Xiao Bai retelling strange phenomenon before his fiance, Zhou Wei disappears: from speaking to herself, to an attack in the bathroom by an unknown woman, and also to her fright during their wedding fitting. After retrieving the couple's photos, Chief Zhao left Xiao Bai with our second favorite couple, Little Guo and Old Chu. We also learn that Little Guo is an orphan, raised by Aunt and Uncle.

While Old Chu bonds with Xiao Bai over drinks, Little Guo who doesn't want his demotion to third wheel status to be permanent, uses his charms to cheer up Xiao Bai with a child's wish. The songs of magpie can grant wishes. He encourages Xiao Bai to pray for his fiance's safe returns. Old Chu watches in awe, as Little Guo's words reminded him of his beloved brother's.

Within hours, the case of the missing fiance ended, Zhou Wei cheerfully returns unharmed. (This is the fastest solved case in cdrama history!) Although Zhou Wei assures she was only at a friend's house for a few hours, Xiao Bai still can't ignore his instinct that there's something different about her. (Hours? This womas was missing for hours?? She's an adult! They makes it seem like she was missing for months!)

At the University, the Chief, who will find any excuses to spend time with Professor Shen, shows up unannounced at his Office. Shen Wei happily assists with the investigation, relishing the fact that he is no longer a suspect under the Chief's eyes. (Eyes so adorable, comparable to a school girl gazing at her crush, in addition to cute poutings to boot!) It didn't take long for Professor Shen to notices a common decorative item that shows up in every rooms of the house, base on the pictures collected. The two men are so in sync; they even guessed 'Mirror' at the same time. (What kind of high school flirting is this?!) Less than 24 hours of Zhou Wei's returns, she went missing again! (At this point, one would assumes the bride-to-be is having cold feet.) With Professor Shen's deduction, the Chief decides to test out this theory of mirrors as windows to another dimension. Once the dimension opens, the SID team including Xiao Bai encounter two identicals "Wei Wei". Even though Xiao Bai's instincts makes him head straight to Wei Wei closet to his heart, he was in shock when the Chief informs him that the Wei Wei he chose doesn't have a shadow.

The Dixing Wei Wei goes into a rage due to his rejection, but of course our Black Cloak Envoy arrives to apprehend her. After a few thoughtful words from Brother Black Cloak, the Chief went back to talk to Zhou Wei. His instinct is correct, the Wei Wei who is Haixing(human), was not Wei Wei, whom Xiao Bao fell in love with. Zhou Wei uses to be recluse with low self-esteem. She switches places with Wei Wei (Dixing) from her mirror for a year. But becomes jealous when her doubleganger lives the life she always desires, including dating the man of her dreams. After the Chief cleverly exposes the lies, he informs the couple that their relationship is theirs to do as they wish.

As the Chief who loves to snoop not only in people's private affairs, Zhao Yunlan also have a hobby of breaking into people's home. Of course, Professor Shen's place was spotless, with no evidence of his hidden identity. Desperate for answers, the Chief contact Dixing Palace for information. The next morning, he sent Old Chu to deliver a special gift to Professor Shen, with a hidden camera. (Is this why the Chief is still single?)

That evening, the infamous Damsel and Distress scene all the fangirls desperately waiting for finally happens! Unfortunately, it stops short when the robbers attempt to rob Professor Shen.

Notable Characters:

Ji Xiao Bai

Zhou Wei (Haixing)

Wei Wei (Dixing)

Memorable Quotes:

"When everyone is happy, I am happy as well." - Little Guo

"Professor Shen, you are putting it this way because you have something against me?" - Zhao Yunlan "No, but you were putting me in your suspect list for many cases. I should have the right to protest, no?" - Shen Wei

"All living things. When there is Yin, there must be Yang. When there is Good, there must be Evil. Haixing or Dixing, one's identity is only skin. But one's heart cannot judge by one's identity alone." - Black Cloak Envoy

"The person who can drug me has not been born yet." - Zhao Yunlan

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