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Guardian Recap: Episode 8 "The Case of the Family Heirloom"

A month has passed since Guo Cheng Cheng's internship. Because every party must come to an end, Little Guo worries someone as useless as him would be dismissed. However, the SID team accepts Little Guo into their family with open arms, much to his astonishment. Still, Little Gou is unsure if he's fit for the job, considering he failed all his training. Lin Jing surprises him with a gift. One of his latest inventions the Taser Stick(powers by the user's fear, a customed made weapon for our frighten little mouse), so that other unfortunate soul will becomes victim to Little Guo's anxiety.

Since there are no new cases, one has to wonder how will Zhao Yunlan finds a way to get closer to his target. The Chief decides to purchase some old books from a random student of the University, hoping to entice the Professor to join SID. He even resorts to lying, by telling the Professor that the books are family heirlooms from his deceased Grandfather. Unbeknownst to the Chief, these books was donated by Professor Shen to the University Library. Professor Shen even verifies with his initials, much to the Chief's embarrassment. (Please note: Deception is a poor way to court, especially when you're caught)

Not long after, Little Guo and Old Chu met a Dixing on the street by coincidence. Given away by the fact that he is unharmed after touching the taser device. Black Cloak Envoy shows up at SID to provide them with the information on the escaped Dixing. Ding Dun is a civilian reporter of Dixing, who recently infiltrated Dixing Palace. His power comes from accessing memories of the last person who touches an object. His Honor's personal delivery of the message leaves the SID crew speechless, especially when their Chief is not present.

On the street of Dragon City, Ding Dun accesses Wang Zheng's memories from the anonymous letter with tribal symbols touched by Wang Zheng that morning. After he confirms Wang Zheng's connection to the Hollows, he is instantly eliminated by the one with the Purple Wig. Since we can't have a story without a bromance bonding of some sort, Little Guo turns out to be quite intuitive when it comes to analyzing others, when he guesses Chu Ge is connected to the Black Cloak Envoy.

At the Dragon University, because Professor Shen has no other friends to converse, is still bothering the Yellow Blossom Yashou much to her annoyance. (Especially when she never signs up to be his therapist.) Moments later, the Purple Wig Villian makes his attack. Limited by Professor Shen's hesitation to show his true powers in public, his opponent almost has the upper hand. However, to Professor Shen's surprise, the Yashou decides to intervene.

Later that evening, Professor Shen finds Zhao Yunlan sitting on the street of Dragon City. The Chief is suffering from indigestion, so severe that he can't even walk. Without options, Professor Shen decides to escort him home, but the taxi ride is more than his heart can handle. Like every romance movie cliche, the half-conscious Chief keeps leaning against Professor Shen. Unable to resist, the Shen Wei scoots closer to his temptation, allowing the Chief to rest his head comfortably on his shoulder, as his eyes linger longingly.

Arriving at the Chief's studio, Professor Shen is in shock by Zhao's standard of living. The Chief soon passes out by the time Shen returns with warm water and medicine. Unable to leave the studio in such a state, Professor Shen takes upon himself to clean the dump. Luckily he did, because a message from Dixing Palace arrives, exposing Shen Wei's identity. Of course, he can't let that happen.

While all this is happening, Purple Wig, whose identity remains uncertain, is in search of Hanga Tribe ruins. At the cave, he starts talking to the chained Icicle Statue. His continue attempts to make friends, even though he killed the last one. As morning rises, Wang Zheng faints after she saw the familair symbol from the day before.

The Chief wakes up with Professor Shen by his bedside, nearly scaring the pants out of him. Even more stun when Zhao finds his place no longer a pig's shack, a repayment for saving Professor Shen from the robbers. (Yes...That part does make sense, but staying all night! What kind of person watches another sleeps all night?) But instead taking the obvious hint and ask the Professor out, Chief tries to persuade Professor Shen to join SID. Shen Wei quickly declines the position, yet offering to be the Chief's personal chef. Another sign that our Professor would rather takes the position of Wifey than consultant. Will you get a clue already Zhao Yunlan!??

Professor Shen's nagging session of the Chief's unhealthy habits is cut short when the Cat comes home. The Chief leaves with Da Qing when he hears about Wang Zheng's condition. Wang Zheng turns out to be a type of Nocturnal Species, who cannot be exposed to light. Years ago, the amnesiac Wang Zheng was found by Da Qing and the Chief when they hiked through Northwest Province. As her memories return, the Hollow activates.

Notable Characters:

Ding Dun (Dixing)

Wang Zheng (Nocturnal Species)

Memorable Quotes: "You don't know Zhao Yunlan? He has thick skin and a black heart. He has only bad intentions if he's invested in someone. It indicates nothing good." - Da Qing to Zhu Hong

"Books are used to transmit knowledge. So I wanted to give these books to the university library. So I wanted to give these books to the university library, to benefit more students. Who knew that your ancestor was a student from our university?" - Shen Wei to Zhao Yunlan

"I've already lost once. I never want to relive a painful experience like that again." - Shen Wei

"Shen Wei ah Shen Wei, if you're so good, how can I let you go?" - Zhao Yunlan

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