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The Tangential Thoughts of MiniOrchid #5

A Step Into the Past (TVB Drama, 40 Episodes 2001) Dense female characters are often the norm when it comes to romantic drama. Because how can writers tell a story if we have self-aware female leads? That is probably too much of a challenge for writers, who play it safe with the overdone storylines.

Although this is an older drama, the same message applies, but with a twist. Louis Koo played the Novel's character Hong Siu-lung, who traveled into the time of the Warring States period. Although he is intelligent, witty, and observant, he is by far a densest male lead when it comes to the matter of the heart. They either have to tell the oblivious Hong to his face or protect him with their lives to be taken notice. I have to agree with the Villain of the drama, that Hong brings misfortune to those who dare to love him.

Please note, this is one of the first time travel drama back in the days where the time-traveling theme was not the norm like it is today. Yes, I am calling out the current dozens of CDramas overused time traveling theme. Excessive to the point of redundancy, with no originality. Even their openings are similar. How the main character can speak the ancient language without the Star Trek's Universal translator or Doctor Who’s Tardis comes into question.

Aside from being the Dense King of the past, Hong also holds the title of 4th Wall Breaking character. From calling out historical era's strange habits to the TV tropes, Hong also has a quirk of asking for the toilet/loo wherever he goes. Got to give it to a drama to remind us that bodily function is normal even in the ancient era. Full of humor and historical liberties, A Step Into the Past remain a classic to this day.

Love O2O (CDRAMA 2016, 30 Episodes on Netflix)

Yes, I am rewatching this romtom, but not for the leads. Literally, skimming through all the episodes for Bai Yu’s scenes with the cutesy Mao Xiaotong; both play Cao Guang and Zhao Erxi, respectively. The drama goes by pretty fast by ignoring the boring perfect 2-dimensional leads, Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang who can’t even kiss properly! Gao and Zhao’s interactions are much more humorous and entertaining. Constantly bickering in real life, but still has excellent chemistry as their game counterparts. Since these two actors will be in The Fate General, it would be good to see their growth since Love O2O.

Besides sweet second lead couple, third lead Hao Mei aka Mr. Girly(Zheng Yecheng) and K..O.(Vin Zhang) are adorable! K.O. was such a liar when he said there was only one portion of sweet and sour pork left. But then, he gives Mr. Girly 3 portions because he asked for it! K.O., aye K.O., when did you become such deceiving man? Vin Zhang’s devotion knows no bound, no matter what drama he’s in. Zheng YeCheng on the other hand, the adorable puppy as he catches the Wolf attention from his naive. Not even realizing K.O.’s confession when he declares he’ll be moving into Mr. Girly’s place.

Netflix also seems to know who is marketable at this period, because there seem to be many Bai Yu’s photos compare to the leads of the drama. Huh...When did Bai Yu become famous on Netflix? I’d been hoping enough Guardian Girls would request Guardian on Netflix through my Weilan’s Shrine, but there are no signs of them buying the license yet. One could only hope, so I will continue praying. By the way, I also learned the PPL RIO drink that we see in all those modern dramas only has 3.8% ABV. How can anyone be drunk from that stuff? Those modern dramas deceived me!

The Chilling Adventure of the Sabrina (Holiday Special, Netflix)

I didn’t realize I miss this series until I saw the notice from Netflix. Following the events from the season finale, I was excited to know what happened to the characters the end of the last episode. Maybe I am so used to the dramatic Doctor Who Christmas special. Hence, the episode was a bit lackluster. However, I did learn one thing. Witches are prone to cannibalism in this dark universe of Chilling Sabrina. Since it’s December and not October, I will not delve into the graphic descriptions of the morbid cravings.


Zhao Ge (50 Episodes, 2019)

Queen Dugu (50 Episodes, 2019)

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