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Guardian Recap: Episode 12 "The Case of Mistaken Identities"

Snake Tribe, a cautious and impartial Yashou species, doesn’t want to be part of the battle between Haixing and Dixing over the presence of the newly discovered Hollows. Zhu Hong’s Uncle, in fear for her safety at SID, resorts to drugging her. Considering the whole place is run by men, it’s not surprising they know nothing when it comes to women. What do they plan to do? Lock her up for life?

Brave Little Guo refuses to leave Zhu in the hands of her controlling family and attempts to protect his Jie Jie. However, due to his excessive anxiety, his weapon backfired on Guo instead. In normal circumstances, he should sue the weapon master, which is Lin Jing in this case.

At the University, the bored but irritable Chief Zhao vaguely payed attention to Professor Shen’s statement about his connection to the latest victim, Zheng Zhong Yuan, a former colleague of his. Instead of asking the Professor directly, Zhao wears an expression of a man who was deceived by his partner’s late night overtime. With a slight hint of passive aggressiveness, the Chief continued to pull their friendship card on the poor clueless Professor. Of course, Shen Wei, with his inability to read other’s subtle cues, felt hurt Zhao was still suspecting him. The Chief, seemingly giving up on his offhanded interrogation, calls in to check on his crew, but all seems to fall apart within seconds.

Back at the Department, Tan Xiao, the one who was fired the day before by Director Zheng, broke into SID with sonar powers. Wang Zheng, aka Gelan, is knocked out, while our stuttering Sang Zan is able to pull the triggers for the crossbow defences in the lab. (Archaic traps he’s been setting up around the facility due to boredom) As Tan Xiao drops the Hollow, Chief Zhao, who seems to have gained the ability to teleport, arrives at the lab just in the nick of time. How far is SID from the University? He was there within minutes!

However, once the Hollow fell into his hand, images appeared in his mind. With his energy sapped by the dark powers, the Chief immediately succumbed to maidenly fainting spells. But not before Professor Shen heroically caught him within his arms and dispatched Tan Xiao without a blink.

Once our maiden awakens from his slumber, the Chief is surrounded by his staff. What surprised them all is the fact that a Dixing was able to penetrate their shield, specifically created to block Dixing energy. Lin Jing, with all his gadgets and inventions seeming to be breaking left and right, asked for a volunteer to collect Haixing/Human wavelengths for further study. The Chief sees an opportunity he can’t let slide and immediately fakes a headache so Professor Shen would take his place.

Back in the land of the Snake Tribe, 3rd Uncle is talking to Zhu Hong who turns out to be Little Guo in a disguise, which did not match her clothing at all. It’s bright pink with a turtleneck! She wasn’t even wearing that when she arrived. How slow is her Uncle? The answer surely enough arrives when Zhu immediately attacks her Uncle with the spiked wine. While berating him for his reduced intelligence due to old age, she points out the flaw in his logic for locking her up with her fanbase.

(BTW, please do not force feed any type of drink in this manner to anyone! During such a struggle, the fluid will most likely enter the wrong pipe and could drown the lungs with fluids.)

At SID’s Lab, the Chief tries to wake up Professor Shen, who seems to be fast asleep during the testing. Instead of shaking or patting the sleepy angel, Zhao closed in on him, creating an awkward moment when Shen’s eyes opened with Zhao only inches away. Once Professor Shen leaves to attend to his classes, Lin Jing points out that his wavelength is constant, resembling more of a dead person’s than a living one’s, which only adds to the Chief’s confirmation. Outside, Shen Wei touches the amber necklace as he debates whether he should tell Zhao Yunlan the truth.

It seems Zhu Jiu, aka Purple Wig, has kidnapped the daughter of the victim, Director Zheng, and is threatening Tan Xiao to get him to steal the Hollows for him. With the failure of the first attempt, they agree to have Zheng Yi as an addition force to help them succeed with their plan. Zhu Jiu also promised to cure Zheng Yi’s “sickness” once his goal is achieved.

Not long after their agreement, Zhu Hong was attacked on her way back to SID. Once under the spell, Zhu attacks Lao Chu, but Lin Jing immediately knocks her out with a sedative. Zhao, without much effort, caught Tan Xiao and Zheng Yi, and informed them Purple Wig never keeps his promises. Tan Xiao explains Zheng Yi is actually the stepdaughter of Director Zheng, who never stopped abusing Zheng Yi and forcing her to play violin so that he could show off to others. Tan Xiao can only take care of her while others are not watching to give her the comfort no others could. Zhao hypothesizes it wasn’t the research that caused Tan Xiao to seek revenge, but to keep Zheng Yi safe from her stepfather.

Immediately, the more than stoic Black Cloak Envoy appears at the hospital to take away Tan Xiao, who admits to his “crime”. Zheng Yi fall into tears as her guardian disappears. The Chief, who doesn’t know how to handle children, forces Da Qing to turn back into a cat, to be her companion for the time being. Disregarding hospital rules of no pets allowed.

Once the Chief converses with Lin Jing, he realises there are two powers that came into play. One is mind control, while the other is sonar attacks. At the same time, the Black Cloak Envoy also came to the same deduction, after he removed the sonar technology from Tan Xiao’s body. The real Dixing is actually Zheng Yi, who Zhao had left Da Qing with. Da Qing, now under mind control, assists Zheng Yi with sneaking into the SID, so she can collect the Hollows. As she is leaving, she comes upon a wedding invitation of the Romeo and Juliet couple from Episode 5, “The Case of the Water Phantom”.

The next day, as the wedding ceremony is in progress in another part of town, Da Qing, who is still under mind control, attacks the fruit vendor outside headquarters.

Notable Characters:

Tan Xiao and Zheng Yi

Zhu's Uncle, Head of Snake's Patriarch

Memorable Quotes:

“I’ve been thinking, since Professor Shen never drinks and is cut-off from all electronics. You’re pretty much a living fossil. Seeing things now, my intuition is actually useful sometimes.” - Zhao Yunlan

“It seems that Chief Zhao hasn’t given up suspecting me.” - Shen Wei

“Not suspicion, but lack of understanding. Chang Shen Gui, Shan He Zhui. It’s strange, even though we have gone through so much. Still, I realized, you’ve becoming more and more perplexing to me.” - Zhao Yunlan

“Hey, can you not use me as an excuse to flirt back and forth? It makes me look absolutely foolish.” - Da Qing to Zhao and Shen

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