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Guardian Recap: Episode 15 "The Case of the Dijun Book"

Cong Bo is at it again. This time, hacking into the Dragon City University surveillance system. He stumbles across the feed from the camera hidden in the wall hanging Lau Chu mounted in Professor Shen’s office. And wouldn’t you know, Cong Bo has front row seats to half a dozen of Shen Wei’s abilities. Really, Zhao Yunlan? You never deactivated that thing? OMG.... he's still stalking his own partner/boyfriend after they're official?!😏

A mini smoke messenger appears thru Shen Wei’s office window to inform him that the Regent cannot identify the relationship between Zhu Jiu and “that man”, isn’t sure how they plan to use the Hallows, and claims he cannot remember Purple Wig’s abilities or background. Shen Wei is obviously skeptical that the Regent is so clueless and sends a reply that he has three days to bring him the Dijun Book (a detailed record of the Dixing people and their abilities).

Cong Bo wastes no time before confronting Chief Zhao with the evidence he just collected. Claiming to be a whistleblower whose sole mission is exposing the truth for the good of the public, he gives the Chief three days to go public himself or have Cong Bo do it for him.

That night, a sheepish Yunlan explains their predicament to Shen Wei, who immediately blames himself for the situation. Yunlan assures him he knows the fault is his own. Hello, new hairstyle ;). Of course, Zhao has to show the world he's taken.😏 Shen Wei worries that if they don’t solve this issue quickly, they’ll be attacked from two sides when Zhu Jiu has recovered. But Yunlan has a plan. When doesn't he?

Cong Bo’s insatiable curiosity comes back to bite him when he attempts to hack into the SID. Lin Jing is waiting for him and uses the opportunity to wipe all the evidence off Cong Bo’s computer. Serves him right. Seconds later, Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei appear at his door. Yunlan isn’t in the mood for Cong Bo’s righteous indignation and reminds him he’s committed several crimes to obtain that information. When he still refuses to back down, they show him evidence of how his careless actions and one sided reporting, with little regard for the whole story, have repeatedly ruined the lives of good people. To his credit, Cong Bo appears remorseful, but just as he begins to apologize, the Chief offers him a way to atone: join the SID. This man like to take in strays, it seems.

Zhu Jiu seems to be thinking in his lair when Ya Qiang appears once again to (irritate him) remind him of his duty. When he tries to bite back at her, his injury flares up again, and she flounces back out as quickly as she came, leaving him to stew in his anger.

Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei celebrate their small victory over drinks(water - Shen's low tolerance) and discuss how useful it may be turning Cong Bo into an ally. This leads Yunlan to ask the burning question of the day: just what is Shen Wei’s ability, and why is he seemingly all-powerful? The answer is simple: his ability is to learn, meaning he can turn any power he sees into his own. Which also means, in order to defeat Black Cloak, one has to attack him for the first time, to make it count, before he can takes counter measures. The only restraints on the scope of his power are the Guardian Token and the limits of black energy itself while on the surface of Haixing.

Never one to let any small opportunity pass him by, Yunlan, with his alluring eyes asks Shen Wei for compensation for protecting his secret and manages to weedle him into cleaning the apartment. So petty, but so cute. On the other hand, seeing how he blushes... Shen was hoping for a more direct request of another nature. Oh Chief, how can you let the chance go, when you can have it all?

In his infinite wisdom, Chief Zhao decides the best course of action is to use the Longevity Dial to track the location of the other Hallows. Thankfully, Shen Wei appears just in time to stop him. When Yunlan tries to justify his decision, Shen Wei is quick to point out that the safer (and far wiser) thing to do is to wait for Zhu Jiu to collect the other two Hallows, draw his backer out of hiding, and sweep in to take them all down at once. Yunlan concedes that this plan does make more sense.

Late that night, Zhu Hong is trying to drink away her woes over her unrequited feelings for the Chief while Xiao Guo and Da Qing try to comfort her.

A seemingly lost old man appears the next morning and runs into Xiao Guo. Using the excuse of being lost, he asks Xiao Guo to be his guide. Wouldn't you know, he's headed to SID. Surprised, anyone?

The moment they arrive, Lao Chu spots them and immediately seizes the old man by the throat. Clearly, there's a lot of bad blood between them. Chief Zhao appears just in time to knock some sense into Lao Chu and ushers their guest (who Zhao identifies as the Regent of Dixing) inside.

Turns out, the old man has come seeking the Chief's help, but before he can explain why, Shen Wei appears. Clearly surprised to recognize who the Professor is, the Regent nearly spills the beans to the rest of the crew, but Chief Zhao covers for him just in time.

Zhao suggests they talk in his office, and the Regent immediately begs for forgiveness for his mistakes, most importantly, losing the Dijun Book. Of course he has. Shen Wei is furious as it is now crucial that he reads the information stored in it to learn how to deal with Purple Wig's abilities. Regent explains that he believes the criminal Dingdun (who Shen Wei thought was dead) stole it. He suggests the only way to find it is with Lord Black Cloak's help.

“Don't be so serious.” Zhao Yunlan, trying to calm Shen Wei and stop him reprimanding Regent

“Do not plead for mercy for him.” *hilariously startles Yunlan*

“If we disobey the law, how will we rule Dixing?” - Shen Wei, *Yunlan finally cracks and laughs at Shen Wei's intensity*

“What are you laughing at?” - the baffled Shen Wei asked.

“Nothing….it's just because you suddenly shifted to Black Robe from Professor Shen. I was a little confused.”

Da Qing interrupts to inform them that they just received a call that someone from Xingduju (the dept. where Yunlan's father works) will be coming for an emergency inspection. Lo and behold, Zhao is unable to stay for the inspection as he has to help the Regent in Dixing. Shen Wei vehemently disagrees, as Dixing is dangerous for humans, but Zhao persists and off they go.

The remainder of the crew prepare for their superiors and decide to try to trick the inspector by having Xiao Guo pretend to be the Chief buried in work in the office. Yeah, cause this plan will definitely not go wrong.

Shen Wei leads Zhao Yunlan to the entrance between their two worlds and uses his magic to show him the hidden doorway. Yunlan asks an important question: If this is the only door, and only Shen Wei and the Regent can pass through it, how are the other people of Dixing getting through? The moment Yunlan steps through, he is confronted with a painful memory of his parents fighting over him. Shen Wei gently pulls him out of the memory.

Purple Wig is at it again. This time, trying to manipulate an old man into taking revenge, presumably against the SID. Eventually, the old man agrees, and Purple Wig couldn't be happier.

Meanwhile, the inspector arrives and, by Da Qing's reaction, it's worst case scenario.

Notable Characters:

Regent of Dixing

Memorable Quotes:

“There is a price to pay for such (great) power.” Shen Wei

“There are three leaders of Dixing, that man (the Regent), Lord Black Cloak, and the King of Dixing.” - Zhu Hong

“No matter if it is a Holy Device or Dixing itself, they are both gathering places of dark power. If your body is completely distorted by the black power, everything is over.” - Shen Wei

“Wow. So this is the world through your eyes. It's too black. It's very uncomfortable, isn't it?” - Yunlan to Shen Wei as he sees the world as Shen Wei does for the first time.


*Italic Blue - MiniOrchid

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