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Zhao Yunlan & Shen Wei: Guardian BL Fanfic - Episode 28 "Without you..."

Background: This scene occurred after the Chief couldn’t wait any the codes to decipher, despite the Professor’s warnings. But Zhao Yunlan was determined to save his kidnapped father at all cost. So the emotional Chief touched the Longevity Dial and once again, resulting with his collapse. Shen WeI took him back to Zhao’s apartment to recuperate.

Warning - NSFW


For those enjoy the harmony it brings, it is tranquility within the moment of time, an experience that held the promise of peace.

However, devoid of sound could be suffocating to some. Zhao Yunlan had always dreaded the quietness, the stillness when noises ceased to exist. That’s why he surrounded himself with those who love to talk, argue, laugh, and joke: from Little Guo's fearful chattering, Hong’s temper, Wang Zheng’s nagging, Sang Zan’s stammering, Qing Da’s sarcasm and Lin Jing’s snide remarks -- even Old Chu’s deafening glare and occasional grunt could break the awkward moments it may bring.

Zhao Yunlan, himself, had always been a man with many words because he would not stand the thought of being alone with his mind. To face the reality of his existence, within the unforgiving world that took so much, but gave so little.

However, at this moment he could not bring himself to break the silence from the man across the room. Earlier tonight, his Professor had brought him back to his place, after Zhao had collapsed. For he, had made contact with the Longevity Dial, despite the Professor’s strict warnings. The Chief had woken up in his dark apartment, with Shen Wei, nearly scaring the soul out of Zhao’s body. After he collected his nerves, Zhao sat up to face his phantom, but there no response from the enraged man. Shen Wei had continued his piercing dark glare, which could freeze even the summer’s night -- directly at the Chief himself.

Even the air from the room had turned cold. No doubt came from deafening silence between the two men. As if the atmosphere was not chilled enough, the summer storm had decided to arrive. Followed by the shuddering thunder, which did nothing to ease the tension of the room. When the heavy raindrops began to slam against the windows, the unnaturally well-spoken Chief waited patiently -- until the dark figure within the shadows to break the quietude of the night.

“Yunlan,” Shen Wei finally spoke, though his tone did not hide his disappointment, “how many times have I told you, never to touch the Hollows again?”

“Plenty,” the Chief stood up from the bed, ignoring the slight dizziness from the motion. He strolled towards the Professor, with slow, measured steps, “but do you think I have a choice?”

“You do. We still have time,” the Professor answered firmly, as Shen met him midway. “We’ll get your father back. You’re the Guardian. You have to keep your head straight. As a leader, as the Chief of SID, you can’t lose ---”

“My face? My imaged?” Zhao laughed cynically, before his raw emotions exploded, “Do you think I give a fuck!”

“You’re always reckless,” Shen’s voice rasped, his head shook slightly. The Professor took a step closer, his attempt to re-established their bond. “Yunlan, you have no regards to your own life! Do you think you’re invincible? Or do you believe your life has no meaning?”

Meaning he said? The role he never asked. The life he didn’t choose. The destiny thrust before him, the very moment his mother died. Now even his father was taken. Why!? Why did it have to be him? Why was he the chosen one?

“This might surprise you, but a Guardian can be replaced,” Zhao said coldly, his words soliciting another sharped reaction from Shen’s gaze. The Professor's tormented eyes grew, though Zhao had chosen to ignore. “Why should anyone need to give a damn for the choice I made!” he crassly snarled.

These selfish cutting words were too much for even the patient Professor. Shen angrily snatched Zhao by the collar of his shirt. His fist drew back, then swiftly swung forward, causing the Chief to instinctively closed his eyes. But a short moment later, the attack never arrived. His eyes cautiously opened. His breath stopped. What Zhao saw, felt, was worse than the physical pain itself. Shen was trembling, his face devoid of all colors, his raised fist had turned white.

Realizing too late, he had once again hurt the one who was closest to his heart, the Chief could only utter, “Shen Wei?”

“You never listen, you never--” his Professor choked, his eyes stung with red with unshed tears. “Because no one set you in your place. You’re like a wild dog, who was never disciplined. An untamed beast who run freely with no regards to others feelings.”

What’s happening! Shen Wei had never cried like this before. What had he done? Before the Chief could make amends for the words spoken in anger, his Professor’s demeanor had switched without warning. Shen threw Zhao roughly on the floor. His head spun from the impact. Zhao was still gathering his senses when he realized Shen had shreds off his coat. The pristine untouchable Professor Shen had dropped his jacket on the unswept floor, without even a glance.

The room seemed to have frozen over, as the Professor made his approach. Kneeling down before Zhao, his eyes devoid of emotions. “You need to be punished for your actions,” Shen said calmly, his darkened lashes lifted.

“Shen Wei, what are you planning to do?” Zhao asked unsteadily, crippled from what may come.

However, there was no response from the man who seemed to be on a mission to teach him a lesson. Like a flipside of the coin, the contrast was uncanny enough that rose fear from the Guardian himself. With a serene air of regal indifference, eerily reminded Zhao of an executioner, ready to due justices to the offending prisoner.

Daze by the aura from majestic Dark Lord of the Night, a timely thunder finally woke him from his lucid trance. Only to realize Shen had shed his sweater vest and even his glasses! A few buttons of his dressed shirt was released, exposing the porcelain skin underneath the dark midnight blue fabric. Shen Wei had then started to unbutton the collar of his wrists and rolled up his sleeves in perfect folds.

Oh Shit! Could he possibly plan to kick his ass while he’s already drained of energy? Zhao couldn’t run if he wanted to.

“Wait...hold on!” the Chief tried to reason, but it was too late. The Professor pounced on him -- within seconds, Shed swiftly sheds the Chief’s coat, pulling the loose sleeves of his jacket, he twisted them into a knot, efficiently securing Zhao’s arms behind his back.

Struggling against his restraints, humiliated, Zhao barked, “Shen Wei! You can beat me senseless if you want, but why do you need to tie me up?! Let me go!”

“No, you need to be properly disciplined,” Shen’s voice rasped evenly. His eyes no longer held the tenderness of Professor Shen, Zhao had known. That’s when reality finally hit. This was not Shen Wei. This is Black Cloak! The most fear entity of the underworld. With the same shadow gaze that rose terror to the unfortunate soul, who dares to cross his path. Zhao steeled himself when he felt Shen’s hand grasped the back of his neck. Their gaze locked as he stared into the fierce, unwavering eyes of his Professor, who continued his ominous threat, “--or you’ll never learn.”

“Shen Wei--”

"Yunlan, don't fight this," came the ragged growl, before Shen crushed his lips with his own. Startled, Zhao jerked. It was not gentle, but harsh, even forceful as his Professor laid claim to him. Still muddled by the turn of events, the Chief couldn’t react. Wait...this was his punishment?!

“Xiao Lan, open your mouth,” Shen instructed with a husky ragged voice against his lips.

It took Zhao Yunlan a few moments to realized what Shen had intended to do. Fuck! He has never been the receiving end before!

Out of self-preservation instinct, Zhao forced his muscles to retreat, but Shen’s furious lips continued to devour his, demanding...forcing his lips apart as he drove his tongue in. The Chief tried to turn away in an attempt to escape his brutal assault, brought no relief. A hoarse growl escaped Shen’s lips, as he straddles Zhao’s lap. Gathering him close, Shen moved along with Zhao, angling his head, and, more intimately than before, ravished Zhao like he was going to consume him. Helplessly, Zhao realized no man could resist such temptation, not when the object was Shen Wei himself!

Yet, he was suffocated, starved for breath. Zhao made a distressed noise of fury against Shen’s lips, but his Professor only deepened the kiss. The Chief instantly knew Shen’s intent when he felt his hand caressed him under his shirt, while the other went for the opening of his pants. His world began to spin, his strength sapped. The prior rough treatment had turned into a passionate feverish embrace even his wildish dream he could ever imagine. Zhao wanted to embrace him, but he couldn’t: his hands were bound behind him.

He managed to tear his lips away, grappling for composure and oxygen, Zhao gasped, “Shen Wei, release me!”

But instead of yielding to his plead, Shen pressed him on the floor, his powerful body poised over. Like the Dark Prince ascended from the depth of hell, the light around him flared crimson with unchecked desire. Paralyzed, the Chief couldn’t turn his gaze away. Mesmerized by the unrestrained beauty above him; like a helpless moth caught by the lure of the spider, Zhao could only wait for his fate. The Chief watched intently, as Shen began to ravished his body, slowly, deliberately, with tantalizing attention upon his flesh. His eyes tightened, his fist clenched. Then they snapped opened when Zhao felt Shen's hands reached the edge of his jeans! With a decisive tug, his lower body was free, exposed for his Dark Prince to claim.

His breath caught, his body was taut. Shen’s dark, sensual gaze stared down at Zhao’s exposed flesh -- igniting, flaming them from the fire of his eyes. His cold hand began to caress Zhao’s inner thighs, yet it did not bring relief to the fiery sensation that refused to subside. Seared, burned, and consumed with relenting raw ache of flooding arousal, Zhao had to bit back a moan when Shen held him in his hand.

God, please don’t stop this. Let it be real.

Still delirious in his prayers for the mercy of the so-called deity from above, the Chief jumped when he felt Shen chomp on his inner thigh. Spreading Zhao’s thighs apart, the Professor’s tongue traced over the teeth mark; he had left behind. Gasping for breath, Zhao tried to gather his senses, but it was too late. Shen’s mouth had closed over his swollen sex! Teasingly, he stroked the aching head, while his nails dug into Zhao’s outer thighs. The Chief’s bound hands clenched painfully as Shen guide him rhythmically against his mouth. Zhao's body continued to shudder, quivered and trembled as Shen’s tongue flirted with his swollen shaft, sucking the raw juices like a lollipop.

When Zhao thought he was about to come, his Dark Prince had drawn back and laid kisses along his inner thighs. Yet, it didn't take long for the Professor to stroke and caress once more, tasting him, savoring every inch of his body, until the Chief almost reached his climax again. But, Shen would stop short, before the full ecstasy could be achieved, to laid velvet kisses along Zhao’s body -- paying no heed to the Chief’s struggling pleas.

Professor Shen was relentless with his assault as he continued to stroke, sucked, and torment Zhao until he cried out. “Stop! That’s enough!” his body shuddering as rapture was just beyond the horizon.

But Shen Wei was not listening, or he had chosen to ignore him. He continued his disciplinary action with like the strong-will person he was. Who was Zhao to think he could battle against with Black Cloak? Just like his Professor had warned, Zhao was not allowed even a moment of peace. Punishment Shen had said, a punishment he would serve.

“Shen Wei! Let me come!” the Chief pleaded again. But there as no response from the man who was determined to make him yield to his command.

The cycle continued, endlessly, boundlessly until time ceased to exist. When Zhao Yunlan thought he would pass out from the unrelenting agony of the pleasurable torment; a resonance of heated wave of tingling sensation began to travel through his body. Like the rush of a waterfall -- he was floating...crashing...drowning all at once, sending Zhao spinning over the edge. The Chief exploded, with Shen Wei’s names burst from his lips.

With Zhao’s last strength. Before darkness descends, within the haze of night, the Chief whispered, “Shen Wei, forgive me.”