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Guardian recap: Episode 1 "Special Investigation Department"

“More than ten thousand years ago an alien race landed on the planet Haixing, some among them fused their cells with plants and animals, forming the Yashou tribe. Some stayed deep under the ground, and these were the Dixing people. Their cells mutated as well and they became capable of some supernatural powers, while Haixing, with the largest population, remained unaffected. There was, however, peace among the three tribes until a meteor hit Haixing Planet, and the Dixings’ resources started to deplete. They escaped to the surface and started a war with the Haixing and the Yashou people. In the end, the Haixing won the war after they created 4 Holy Tools out of the meteor. The three tribes then agreed on peace.” - Episode 1 Intro, Guardian cDrama 2018

The drama begins with Professor Shen giving a lecture on the possibility of alien existence and species mutation. (The lighting is just right for his perfect skin, smile, eyes, body...Seriously, shouldn't the Hot Professor have a mob of female students in the class by now?) Because he is not knowledgeable about the current technology, his student assistant, Li Qian, is present to assist with the presentation. After the lecture, Professor Ouyang wants to recruit Shen Wei for his research Bioengineering Team, but Professor Shen gently declines the offer.

At nightfall, a quivering character wanders the streets of Dragon City. When he arrives at his destination, Avenue 4, a dark figure, driving a motorcycle, heads toward his direction. Scared out of his wits, Guo Chang Cheng shows his recommendation letter to the stranger, who immediately drags him into the Building. The man turns out to be the Chief of the Special Investigation Department, his Boss. After meeting some all his new ‘special’ colleagues, Guo promptly faints, due to decreased blood pressure.

After Guo wakes up, the Chief is overjoyed with the new addition to his team and welcomes him into the family. However, Da Qing, out of pure sadism, decides to turn himself back into a cat, causing Guo Chang Cheng to faint again. The crew thinkst it hilarious until Chief Zhao informs them that the intern is the nephew of Minister Guo. So they have to treat him well, or they won’t be able to upgrade to a new office.

The next morning, the three-men team (Zhao, Da Qing and Little Guo) arrive at Dragon University due to a murder incident from the night before. The victim was Lu Ruomei. Zhao and Da Qing check out the open window on the second floor of the building, and notice the direction of the handprint is on the inside. While the two debate the possibility that the murder was caused by a Dixing, Guo is left dangling by the side of the building.

Professor Shen arrives, and like a destiny that was to play out, Little Guo’s rope snaps. (I sincerely hope he has health insurance for his new job.) Professor Shen is in shock when he hears the cries of Zhao Yunlan, from above. Da Qing turns himself into a cat, drawing the Professor’s attention to him. The Chief notices that Da Qing is smitten with the Professor, unlike his normal personality, which was odd.

The two men exchange last names, and shake hands, but Shen Wei does not release his hold. A touching moment that speaks volumes, that Zhao has yet to grasp. An awkward moment ensues, but the fangirls around the world were probably squealing as they saw the exchange. After SID team departs, Professor Shen reads the business card left by Zhao, and sees the Chief’s full name, Zhao Yunlan.

With Da Qing’s help, they locate the witness to the crime, Li Qian. She informs them that she saw a shadow kill Lu Ruomei, but she doubted that others would believe her story. Shortly, Professor Shen appears, and notifies the Chief that he came to pick up Li Qian for class. The Chief releases her since he asked all he needed to know, but Zhao is curious why there was no reaction from Professor Shen when the victim was also one of his students.

Professor Shen says that many strange things in the world could never be explained, but he has no wish to interfere. His answer only prompts the Chief’s interest. The Professor is not ordinary person, but an enigma for the perceptive Chief. After they leave, the Chief tells Little Guo to keep an eye on the two, especially Professor Shen.

Guo, of course, is not experienced with tailing anyone, and loses them soon after. Coincidentally, an old lady with dementia cries “Qian Qian”, breaking his concentration, and she asks him for help. The kind-hearted Guo cannot deny her request, and takes her back to her home. Guo finds a hidden box under the couch, but a shadowy figure appears in the living room, resulting in a battle between a Puppet and the Shadow. Chu Shu Zhi shows up in the nick of time to save his damsel. Back at SID office, Chief Zhao quickly deduces that the Shadow was after Li Qian, not Lu Roumei, after the turn of events at her house. The old lady was also her Grandmother.

Back at the University, Shen Wei is now in possession of Zhao’s private information. Flashes of old memories appears, with the individual, who looks like Chief Zhao, who called himself “Kunlun.” They had a 10,000 years’ old promise to meet again.

The following morning, Chief Zhao follows Li Qian as soon as she leaves her home. Honestly...his stalking skills needed some work. What kind of investigator sat on his motorcycle sucking on a lollipop ten feet away?

At the University, Professor Shen noticed how unsettled Li Qian was, and comes to comfort her. Since the Chief was the worst ninja on duty, Shen Wei immediately confronts him. The flustered Chief Zhao smoothly explains that he isthere to see Professor Shen for his expertise. Not in the biology field, but to ask if Shen has seen powers beyond explanation from other individuals. Professor Shen admits that he believes in Dixing existence, while the Chief forges his surprise.

Somehow, without much explanation, they find the hideout of the Dixing Shadow’s home base, but the suspect is nowhere in sight. Meanwhile, back at the University, the scatterbrained Li Qian bumps into Professor Shen. He notices her necklace, and his expression changes when he realizes its significance. But before he could take hold of it, they are attacked by the Shadow again.

As they hide, they call Chief Zhao for help, and head to the roof. (I have no idea why all victims run to the roof when they're are being chased. It’s like they’re asking to be thrown off the roof). As though on cue, Shen Wei allows himself to be thrown off the roof by Shadow. The SID team arrives just in time to save Li Qian.

Suddenly, the world freezes. A dark hooded masked figure appears on the roof, and freezes the Dixing rogue with his powers. The man turns out to be the Black Cloak Envoy, one of the most powerful individuals known to humanity. (I wondered if this Masked Man was a villain or vigilante.) As a rule, set by thousand years’ agreement between the two tribes, Haixing can arrest Dixing, but Dixing escapees are the responsibilities of their Tribe. The Black Cloak Envoy leaves with his prisoner.

Mentionable Characters:

Zhao Yunlan 赵云澜 (Director of the Special Investigation Department)

Shen Wei 沈巍 (Dragon City University Professor of Biology)

Guo Chang Cheng 郭长城 (Intern of SID)

Da Qing 大庆 (Deputy Director of the SID, Black Cat)

Chu Shu Zhi 楚恕之 (Field Agent of the SID)

Memorable Quotes: (Episode 1, Guardian) “Shen Wei? Great Name!” - Zhao Yunlan “Then the next time if you see any info on this in some books, give me a call. I will rush to your side immediately.” - Zhao Yunlan “I’ve searched 10,000 years for you. I hope you still remember, our arrangement to meet.” - Shen Wei “Professor Shen, I don’t know why, the moment I saw you, I feel a sense of kinship.” - Zhao Yunlan “Who knows, maybe we have really met before.” - Shen Wei


Author’s Notes: Not only did the relationship between the two main characters had to change because Guardian was a Bl Novel, other censorships included black magic, sorcery, ghosts, mythical beings, smoking etc. Hence was why the drama’s storyline deviated from the original source as much as it did. However the drama was a sleeper hit and a great success. All due to the diligent works of the production, scriptwriter, and the actors themselves. They remained faithful to the essence of the original novel(published by Priest) despite the many hoops they had to maneuver.

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