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Guardian recap: Episode 3 "The Case of Coincidences"

Another episode, another case! This could be the fastest C-drama mystery to-date.

Episode 3 opens with Professor Zhang visiting Professor Shen after hours, with her condolences of Li Qian’s situation. Shen Wei notices that she has not been herself lately, but she only replies that the lack of sleep was the cause.

At SID, Jing still thinks it was strange that only the Chief could make the Longevity Dial activate. The Chief has come down with a cold. He is informed that another murder occured the night before at Dragon University. (At this point, I would probably look into other many murders within a few days. Either this place was cursed, or we have a serial killer.)

Of course, the first place our Chief stops by, is Professor Shen’s office. Not only does he make himself at home, but he also claims the desserts that Engineering 4 gave Professor Shen. Zhang Hao is the victim. He was also Professor’s student, and in the Engineering 4 program, that places our innocent Professor as a suspect in the Chief’s eyes. (More excuses for Zhao Yunlan to make his moves!)

While Chief Zhao is still in flirting mode, the nervous Professor Zhang arrives. Thus, comes the awkward introduction, where Zhao Yunlan dares to acknowledge himself as Professor Shen’s “good friend”. (Shen Wei’s longing gaze could not be ignored by the fangirls across the world. Good friend! Zhao Yunlan! Ah, Zhao Yunlan!... If only you knew how you had seduced baby Shen Wei back then, you rogue!) Back to business! When the Chief questions Professor Zhang about the victim, she nervously runs off, before he could place her as a suspect. The Chief is quickly chastised by our sweet Professor Shen for his continuous audacious accusations. (Hmmm...they do become fast friends pretty fast!)

After gathering the victim’s info from the Engineering 4 class representative, Zhao Yunlan visits the hospital because of his ongoing cold. He meets a suspicious female character, Wang Yike, who is wearing gloves. Later, Jing informs Zhao that Wang Yike went to the hospital to get medicine for anemia, although she has never received an examination. (How is it even possible to receive medication without a doctor’s prescription?)

At the University, while Old Chu is tailing after Wang Ziqiang, who was a friend of the victim, the Chief is keeping his eyes on Professor Shen. Da Qing is on night watch duty, but soon falls asleep after over-indulging on his fried fish. (No wonder he’s so fat, as a cat.) He awakes, to the news of Wang Ziqiang’s death. When the Chief follows Professor Zhang, all three potential suspects gather, but Wang Yike quickly departs. Professor Zhang explains, that because she failed three students for skipping class, they played a “colossal prank” on her.

It doesn’t take long for the Chief to show up at Professor Shen’s office. He needs the clues on the last student, who happens to be the class representative, Liu Yadong. Wang Yike shows up, and kills her last victim with her (X-Men Rogue’s) powers, sucking his lifeforce with her touch. Before the Chief can apprehend her, he is stopped by Zhang Ruonan’s interference. As it turns out, Professor Zhang was Wang Yike’s benefactor when she came to the surface. Because Zhang Ruonan was raped by the despicable cowards, Wang Yike sought them out, to avenge her savior on her behalf.

Not only did Wang Yike want to get rid of the rapists, but Professor Shen as well. (The girl is probably half mad in love with Zhang Ruonan, because only jealously would make her want to kill Professor Shen.) As Wang Yike attacks the Professor, she realizes that he is not what he seems to be. The crew arrives, and Old Chu “rescues” Professor Shen. Out of concern for Zhang Yike, Zhang Ruoran unintentionally touches her hand, and her lifeforce is absorbed. Although she says her last dying words to Wang Yike, somehow Professor Zhang manages to survive. The aging Zhang Ruonan decides to go away with Wang Yike in order to keep her safe.

Back at SID, the crew is curious why Professor Zhang didn’t die like the others. In his office, Professor Shen contemplates his own destiny, as he touches his upper chest.

(Another case, even before the episode ends.) The SID crew is on the street investigating the cause of the “missing face” victims. Professor Shen, who also likes to take strolls in the middle of the night, comes across a screaming victim. Unfortunately for him, he is caught by the Chief. (Oh Boy!… How is our Professor going to explain himself?)

Notable Characters:

Zhang Ruonan, Professor of Engineering from Dragon University

Wang Yike, Dragon University Student, Dixing

Memorable Quotes: (Episodes 3, Guardian 2018)

“In this world, there are three things that can’t be true. The Bellyband on a best-selling book. Texts about winning a lottery. Coincidences in a case. I believe all coincidences are man-made.” - Zhao Yunlan

“Professor Shen is skilled in studying all kinds of living things, just lacking studies in human beings.” - Zhao Yunlan

“Will seeing through people, really lessen the pain and disappointment? Besides, many tragedies were destined, from the beginning.” - Shen Wei

“Others fear you, but you should not fear yourself.” - Zhang Ruonan

“Why sorry? This is the best ending, for you and me.” - Zhang Ruonan to Wang Yike


Author's Note: For my first drama recap, I think I am finally getting the hang of it. (#^-^#) Unlike other types of writing, this has become a way for me to de-stress. It's like reliving all those special moments of Guardian all over again, but with a fine microscopic eye.

BTW, Part 3 Episode 35 chapter for Weilan is near completion! I can't wait to post the chapter I'd been prepping for since Part 1. Thank everyone so much for your patience!

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