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Guardian Recap: Episode 5 “The Case of the Water Phantom”

For a cdrama, this show takes after the pace of a regular crime/detective American series, where every episode has their case. The opening starts with a bathroom incident, where the victim, Huang Linqi disappeared under the water. (Most viewers including myself probably has no regards to this ungrateful son, especially when he snapped at his father and the kind Butler).

At Dragon City University, with the highest crime rate before the semester even ends, Professor Shen is told he should move out of the Staff Dormitory. Gossips and whispers of his connection to SID are running rampant. Surprisingly, Professor Shen had already found a place to reside before the topic was brought up.

Back at SID, instead of working, the crew watches Lin Jing shows off his skills of making popcorn with his latest invention. (Because even the little things in life has its charm). Of course, the overly serious, Little Guo reminds them they still have the mystery of the Longevity Dial to solve. The Chief shows up and immediately jumped on the staff table, to enjoy the snacks with the rest of the gang. (Seeing his boots near the edible popcorns, the Asian side of me want to scream at the Chief to get off the damn table!)

With the new case in hand, the team carries out their investigation at Huang’s family home. After speaking with Mr. Huang, the father of the Huang Linqi, the Chief thinks the situation is far from simple. For a father who cherishes his son, Mr. Wu seems to be hiding secrets. Mr. Li’s immediate arrival at the residence confirms his suspicions. On the other hand, Butler Wu was the first character so far who can escape the clutches of the Chief's habit of using everyone's shoulders as his armrest. (This man's overly familiarity with everyone - Man or woman, old or young. Surprisingly, no one has slapped him yet.)

That night, at the Li’s family home, Huang Linqi’s fiance, Li Jaiqi was also pulled into the bathtub and disappears. It doesn’t take long for the SID team to take soft-spoken Butler Wu in for questioning. but even with the Chief’s people skills, he still can’t force Butler Wu from disclosing the secrets of the past. Finally, our Professor Shen reveals himself to Butler Wu, a retired Dixing (apparently, there is such a thing.) Only to tell the senior man that he has no plan to interfere with Wu’s business, as long as our Chief is untouched. (Well...that’s one way to mark your territory, Professor Shen!)

Of course, Professor’s presence after the friendly interrogation with Butler Wu doesn’t go unnoticed by our intuitive Chief. When Professor Shen hears the voice on the other line, a spreading smile grew, as the Chief made his inquiry of Shen's whereabouts. His fingers unconsciously played with the corner of the pages, causing blushes to the fangirls, who get to experience the first sexual tension phone call of the year!

At the lake, Old Wu has both SID's Bromance(Old Chu and Little Guao) and Mr. Wu's men spying on him. The rogue Dixing turns out to be Butler’s Wu long-lost son, Xiaojun. Twenty years ago, when Mr. Wu and Mr. Li saw Xiaojun’s powers, they immediately labeled him as a monster and left him to die in the wild. Xiaojun, after enduring the hardship that no child should experience came back for revenge -- by kidnapping the children of his attempted murderers.

To add unncessary spice to the story, the Romeo and Juliet couple, who was reluctant to marry was in fact in love with each other. They pretend they don’t because true love can be childish. Butler Wu finally can talk some senses to his vengeful son, to release the so-called reluctant couple. Unfortunately, Mr. Wu’s men arrives and injured Butler Wu when they tried to kill Xiaojun. Furious his father was hurt to protect him, Xiaojun went after Mr. Wu, but is unexpectedly incapacitated at Mr. Wu residence. Electricity turns out to be his weakness. However, an angry son can overcome all obstacles, nearly killing Mr. Huang, until the Chief intervenes.

Back at SID, Little Guo, our hero-to-be wants to use the Longevity Dial to save Butler-Wu, even though everyone knows the only person who can activate the Hollow, is the Chief himself. (Way the go Little Guo, who knew he wants to take over the Chief position this early in the game.) Of course, Black Cloak Envoy shows once again to save the day, with another gift of life. Brother Black is like an untouchable God, who continues to defy law and order, at the request of the Guardian. Is there no stopping this man when it comes to his marked territory?

Following protocol for rogue Dixing who violates immigration law, Black Cloak Envoy escorts the father and son back to Dixing Palace. Upon arrival, questionable guards intercepts them, but Black Cloak saw through the ploy and exterminates guards. Before this episode ends, another mystery case emerge. Someone also disappears in the bathroom, a redundant plotline to say the least. Why does everyone goes missing during these bath time? Is there a Chinese folklore about bathrooms boogie man we should be aware of?

The next morning, while Qa Qing and the Chief went on their morning run, they ran into Professor Shen. As any keen eyes have noticed since the start of this episode, our Professor has moved in the same building as our Chief. Who is stalking who?

Notable Characters:

Butler Wu

Wu Xiaojun

Mr. Huang Chaoyang

Huang Linqi and Li Jiaqi

Memorable Quotes:

“Chief is amazing. You can see her face from this far?” - Little Guo “If you’re the Chief, you’ll be able to see it.” - Zhao Yunlan “It’s animal instinct.” - Old Chu

“I came to here to tell you, that no matter what you do from now on. Zhao Yunlan. Do not touch him.” - Shen Wei to Butler Wu

“I really am lucky. If Professor Shen were the criminal suspect I have to face, then I don’t know who would win and who would lose.” - Zhao Yunlan “Then why does it sound I’m still on your list of suspects?” - Shen Wei

“Shortening one’s own life to save a Dixing, is it worth it?” - Black Cloak Envoy

“He’s not dead yet. If we let him die, then what’s the difference between us and the dead?” - Zhao Yunlan


Author's Note: I know everyone is waiting for Episode 35 part 3, however, life has been a bit hectic the past two weeks. With my new gigs and hosting for family/friends I barely had much sleep. Also, this upcoming chapter for Weilan is longer and require much more efforts to complete than their previous chapters. Hopefully, the editing process will be complete today, I will have it ready for publication ASAP! Thank you for your patience! (#^-^#)

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