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Zhao Yunlan & Shen Wei: Guardian BL Fanfic - Episode 35 Part 3 "The Promise..."

Background: This scene took place after they left the time-space. Two days had passed according to Da Qing, who waited for their return. After Da Qing went to gather intel for the night. Zhao and Shen stayed behind at SID.


“The first time I saw you was at the university, but the first time you saw me, was 10,000 years ago. Didn’t expect that the same story will continue after 10,000 years.”

There were times, Shen Wei had his doubt. But with each wavered thoughts, Zhao Yunlan had proven again and again. He was Kunlun. His Kunlun. Despite the impossibility, the Universe was an endless possibility. His Savior had said they would meet again. The person who had stolen his soul, his heart, his very existence - had returned as promised.

Shen Wei had thought once that time arrived, he should feel delighted. After all, the Black Cloak Envoy had waited for ten millennia for such a reunion. With no more secrets, his lies could finally stopped. Yet, his heart was still torn; his assurance broke. The joyful bliss soon diminished when he realized their precarious fate. The destiny that could never be, but surely the universe must have mercy for a sinful person such as he.

Time...infinite, but fleeting. A luxury no mortal could spare.

How long do they have? How much do they have to lose? He was not as powerful as he used to be. How could he protect Kunlun when he had become vulnerable?

Harrowed thoughts flow...spilled, flooded. Drowned within these wayward emotions, Shen Wei barely registered when Yunlan had pulled him into his dark office. With his body pressed against the glass door, the Chief gripped on his shoulders were painfully tight. Almost possessed, Zhao’s wrenching eyes pierced through his being. Unfamiliar with the overcast look of the Chief before him. Shen Wei began to tremble from the intensity of the man who always shielded his feelings. But that’s the thing about those who continuously reined in their emotions. Once unleashed, the overwhelming unchecked passion would not be thwart.


His name scarcely escaped Shen's lips, when his mouth was savagely seized. Gone was the softness, the tenderness. Zhao's kiss was surprisingly brutal, unlike his former gentle caressed. This unreserved hardened man was determined to steal every last breath. With a ferocity of a drowning man, the Chief continues to fed on Shen's grasped and cries like it was his last. Zhao took and took; Shen’s air stolen. Fearing he would faint from the lack of oxygen, Shen Wei tore his mouth away.

"Wait!" the Professor cried, as his mind grappled to contain his sanity. But breaking free was not an easy task from unrelenting Guardian. The Wolf was determined to have him by all means. Undeterred by Shen’s resistance, the Guardian snatched and slammed Shen's wrists above his head. Hot burning breath against his lips, Zhao’s eyes shimmered. The depth glittered, spiraling like a marbled universe. The hungry Wolf growled.

“Yunlan, wait…!” Shen Wei pleaded, but the Chief quickly smothered his protests with another hot searing kiss. With Zhao's body pressed against his, the weak-willed Professor couldn't suppress the urge to mold their shuddering bodies. The warmth he craved, the possessiveness he could never denied. The embrace was so urgently powerful, Shen’s knees began to buckle, weakened from the intensity of the passionate man.

The Professor scarcely registered when he felt the floor beneath him. Like the Predator of the Night, the Wolf loomed over. Shielding the moonlights from his sight. Barely breaking the kiss, the Chief began to remove their coats, their clothes aggressively. Finally, it took the sound of the tearing fabric to woke his senses. A sudden panic rose, Shen stiffened, then struggled against impatient roaming hands that tried to tore his garments.

“Stop!” Shen grabbed Zhao’s hands in a deadly gripped. The Chief froze, nearly ghost-like, his face had turned white as sheet. His eyes lost. As if the passage of time, had stolen more than one could bear. “Yunlan?” Shen broken plea called out to the bewitchment, that was cast. "What's wrong, Xiao Lan?"

Although the Chief was released from the spell-bound of the past, his haunted shadows remained. “Why did you run?” he asked hoarsely, with eyes bore the scars of a man who had seen more than his mortal soul could handle.

“I’m no-not running. I'm not. I don't understand what you mean,” Shen stammered, unsure of the suffering he seems to have caused.

Zhao swallowed, his eyes tightened momentarily before his dark lashes lifted. “I saw those images…,” the husky voice spoke.

Shen went rigid at the words, which were barely a whispered. The air dwindled, as tension weighed heavily with each passing seconds. When they were still in the space-time, Zhao Yunlan had not said much. He was eerily quiet, detached. The man didn't touch or embraced him. He only asked to see more of the time which he had missed. Yunlan said he wanted to see Da Qing's life, but that statement no longer held true. He also saw the life of the Black Cloak Envoy. From the rise of Shen's alias to Professor Shen, and of Shen Wei of today.

Only now did Shen Wei realized he had seen everything.

"I saw you all that you’ve done, what you’ve done,” Zhao exclaimed, his shaking hands' cup Shen’s face. “I thought I told you not to run once you found me, didn’t I? Even knowing I might damage the future that may come. I still chose the act that could doom us all. Selfish that I was, because…,” Zhao’s words paused, his red eyes glistened with unshed tears, “--because I couldn’t imagine my world without you. I couldn’t. You promised, yet, you still...”

“I’m sorry…” Shen Wei whispered as his hands cover Zhao's. Squeeze ever so gently, the heart ached at the mere spoken caressed.

“If I didn’t tell you my name that night,” Zhao asked, his brows furrowed at the knowledge. “If I hadn’t…," the question paused. His restraint began to diminish with each passing seconds. “What if we have never met?"

“I-I didn’t know it was possible. I didn’t know...”

“Now I thought about it. I never gave you my family name. The first day of which we met, you were only positive it was me when you read my card. Still…," Zhao chuckled bitterly at the memory, "You ignored me. You kept your distance. You even pushed me away, when you knew how I felt. How could you?” the Chief stared down accusingly.

“I..I’m sorry...I...”

“If the universe didn’t pull as back together. If, I didn’t come after you. Would you have returned to me? Was our past meant nothing to you? Did you planned to abandon me since the beginning?”

“No!” the Professor shook in denial, “I needed times to gather the missing Hollows. Once I know the world would be at peace," Shen tried desperately to explain, "Until that happens. I-I just wanted was to keep you safe."

“I told you, I don’t need you to keep me safe!" the Chief roared, his patience snapped. Both fists grabbed onto the front of Shen's shirt. Trembling from the sheer rage of betrayal, Zhao gave him an angry shake. "I don’t need your protection, nor do I need your powers!"

With a look of a defeated man, his eyes begged, pleaded for one beneath him to understand. His heart-wrenching words began to spill with each syllable, carved so deeply, the words bled. “Xiao Wei, don’t you understand? What I need...what I need...," he paused, jawed clenched. Eyes widened with determination. "--was you. I won't let you off today, nor any day. Don’t run anymore. Xiao Wei....please be mine,” his raw voice rasped.

The Black Cloak Envoy had thought, it was eons ago he had fallen for Kunlun, but that belief no longer held true. No...Such strong emotions had to be nourished. Fed.

It was here and now. The present before the past.

Under the stars of the many millennia ago, Shen Wei, Black Cloak Envoy of the time, never knew he had waited for this moment. While Kunlun of the past also held back, so did Shen Wei of the present. Patience would have been an understatement for their self-control. There were many times he wanted to succumb to the inevitable. They desire each other, were they not? Why would there be a need to stop? Was the moth still afraid of the flame?

Finally, Shen Wei understood. They both held back by the glimmer of hope for their lies to ceased. More than being just physical craving, both yearned for other to know the truth. Their past and present.

That was why, as much as the Chief covet, he still hovered just above, neither took nor claimed. But the starving Wolf, who couldn’t suppress his desire, chose that exact moment to lick his lips. Biting unconsciously, his hunger was evident, within those vibrant, honest eyes. The restless, yet patient man waited, the Guardian who remained faithful to the core. The bright flame that could not be ignored; beckoned with each gesture, glances...and touch. Their silence exchanges spoke more than honeywords of innocence.

Though the moth knew it would burn, it could never resist. Hands clutched Zhao’s neck, pulling him down. Lips barely touched, "Yes..." was his answer.


Warning - NSFW

How many more? How much would he lose before he sanity broke? Time and infinite dimension could never halt. Not for mere mortals when the universe continues to move along its passage, even with no destination in sight. But if the Chief could make time stop, would it be possible to forget? Would it be possible to live in peace?

Wang Zheng and Sang Zan, the love-birds who had trusted him, believed in him. Hundreds of years apart, with only fleeting moments of happiness. The love that could never be, but was. Zhao had sworn to protect them, but it was they who saved him.

Upon the setting sun of Dragon City; dawn would not be far from behind. Once day began to break, reality would overtake. Through the silence of the night, there was nothing other than the sound of labored breaths, their soft gasped and moaned resonated. Encompassing even the noise from the streets outside. Alone, completely, their heated embrace echoed. Layers after layers, the barriers were removed. Skin against skin, the difference was uncanny.

Smooth like petals, this beauty, his rose was cold to the touch. Delicate like porcelain, his skin light as the first silk of the warm summer's night. In contrast, the Chief’s rough edges rivaled only to his personality. But what he lacks, was made up from his burning desire. Figuratively and literally, his scorching body warmed the man who had none.

With each caress and taste, Zhao tried to memorize those curve and lines. Savored each moan like a melody to his ears. The Chief thought he should take it slow, but before he knew, the impatience Shen had grasped him, tightly. "Shen Wei..." Zhao breathed unsteadily. Fully aroused as he was his jaw clenched, his body went rigid. Zhao’s eyes closed at the pure sensation of being captured by his delicate hand.

Shen Wei stared at him with the same heated gaze, a mixture of innocence and seductive charms. The Chief wanted to stop his Professor, but now he could not say more to save his life. Nor did he moved. Hovered over Shen's body, with folded arms on each side of his head, Zhao breath continued to labor with each stroke. The clasped was gentle at first, but the trained eyes of the Professor knew the way to his partner’s breaking point. Since gentleness was never his way, Shen played him as he wanted. It didn't take long for Shen to bring him to full explosion. Nearly collapsing from the reckoning force, but the Chief held on out of sheer stubbornness!

Embarrassment could not even describe how he felt. The Wolf had yet started, but Prey has already taken the reins! What's more shocking! Shen Wei didn't seem to be affected at all. Even with a flushed body, his Professor still maintains that same calm composure that always made the Chief wanted ruffled. Initially, Zhao had tried to take it slow, but the honorable plan was shatter from the challenging glowed of amusement within Shen's deep dark eyes. The edge of his mouth pulled slightly, then came the satisfactory smile, subtle but real. An enticing lure begged to be taken. Devoured.

May it be pride, or may it be because he was the Guardian of the