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Guardian Recap: Episode 11 "The Case of the Borrowed Jacket"

Never take away a man’s dignity, because retribution will be brought upon those who dare. After Ge Lan’s death, Sang turns into a man of vengeance, seeking to destroy those who took away his love. One by one, he plots against them, but his actions were obvious. His people plan to burn Ge Lan’s body and demote Sang Zan to his previous slave status.

Again, for a man who lost everything, what is there left to lose? At the moment of pure insanity, Sang annihilated Hanga Tribe with the Piercer Mountain and River, which in turns sealed him into the Ice Pillar. Only then is he aware that Ge Lan was by his side all along, but it was already too late. One hundred years later, Ge Lan awakens when Zhao Yunlan and Da Qing found her. With Ge Lan’s memories lost, she has forgotten the man she loves.

In the present, Black Cloak and the Chief attempt to break Wang Zheng free from her black chains energy. Purple Wig, Zhu Jia, who hid in the shadows, finally emerges. Always a planner, he utilizes Black Cloak’s powers to break the Pillar. On this rare occasion, Black Cloak is powerless when it comes to the Hollows barrier, which negatively affects his dark energy. So the two men watches Purple Wig drains Sang Ran’s lifeforce, as Wang Zheng tried to save her beloved.

Once the Mountain and River Piercer appears, Black Cloak and the Chief finally teamed up to take the Hollow. For once, the Chief is useful in combat when he manages to get a hit on the Villian, who scurried away soon after. Wang Zheng tearfully begs for His Honor to save her beloved, because neither the Chief or His Honor cares enough about Sang Ran to rescue him before. But who can say no to a someone who waited 100 years, especially our Black Cloak Envoy.

After Old Chu and Little Guo dispatch the monsters outside the cave, and rejoins the team inside. With Sang Ran becomes the same entity as Wang Zheng, the two loves birds are finally united. All thanks to His Highness, as the tearful Little Guo was so emotionally invested in their story, he still think the heartless Chief would separate them. The Chief, of course, can’t allow such valuable member go when he can hire him as a live-in-no-pay-librarian for his Department. At that moment, Black Cloak emphasizes with the couple, which drew the attention of the curious Chief. Who has taken the heart of Black Cloak?

Once the sun set, the Chief hurries back, only to find Zhu Hong fast asleep. Professor Shen appears well and unharmed. The Chief suspicion grew because Zhu didn’t have any recollection after they left. The day ends with a drinking party because the villagers are all fine with the earthquakes, ghost attacks, and questionable visitors.

Professor Shen, as attentive as he always is when it comes to the Chief’s well being, can’t stand the sight of him consuming more than he could handle. Hence why the noble man offers to drink for the Chief, only succumbs to low alcohol tolerance seconds later. The situation is so severe. The Chief even hooked up saline IVs to help detox his system. Instead of using the perfectly fine blanket the Professor lies his head on, Zhao places his jacket over the Professor. Thus why, he smells a suspicious odor, which causes him to break out in a chuckle.

The next morning, Professor Shen awakens to a note left by the Chief. Only then does Shen notices the same scent on his jacket, which Zhao has mentioned his distaste for -- the blood of the Monsters from the cave. Lo and behold, in his flashback, when Zhu Hong tries to hypnotize Professor Shen, he turns the table on her. With her subdued under his spells, Shen went to save the team that left him behind. In the process of dispatching one of the monsters, its blood spills on Zhao's Jacket.

Somewhere in Dragon City, a Research Institute successfully tests out their sonar weapons. When the Director demand his daughter to play the violin to celebrate the occasion, Tan Xiao another scientist intevenes. Since he ruins their mood, the Director had him fired and beaten up for his insubordinate actions. That same night, the sonar research room is attacked by a powerful noise.

After the many incidents, Zhao reminiscences all the times of Professor Shen’s connections to the cases. The Chief is not one who believes in coincidences, hypothesized Black Cloak is currently disguising himself as a human. Another case comes up soon after. The Research Institute, with its victims committing suicides by cutting themselves. With the residual dark energy presence, the Dixing must be involved. They dialed the last number of the victim, and unsurprisingly, Professor Shen’s voice is on the other end. The Chief couldn’t help but laughed. Even when he tries to stay away, the universe will always pull them back. Is this fate or what?

Zhu Hong, with her connection to her Yashou Snake Clan, returns with Little Guo to investigate the purpose of the Hollows. Her Uncle is so ecstatic to have her back. He even drugged their wine. Of course, Little Guo is unaffected, because Xiong Huong wine only affects Snakes. Considering he is probably the least threatening person who ever step on their land, they didn’t even bother to drug him.

Notable Characters:

Zhu Jiu (aka Purple Wig)

Memorable Quotes:

“They’ve got a hold of each other, and will not leave each other no matter life or death.” - Black Cloak Envoy

“Black Cloak Brother has someone you care about as well?” - Zhao Yunlan

“Sang Zan Ge came to SID to work. But, the SID team are not happy. Deputy Director says that his cat eyes will be blinded by Sang Zan and Wang Zheng’s love. Zhu Hong Jie sighs everyday. Chu Ge doesn’t seem to like me much. So I can only hide in Lin Jing’s Laboratory. And then, I found out that Jin Ling hid the doll I ordered last time. Deputy says Lin Jing is pervert. How is he a pervert/? The doll was pretty and expensive! Chief Zhao deducted half of my monthly pay. I’m so sad…” - Guo Cheng Chang’s Journal

“Black Cloak Envoy is the final speaker of Dixing and coordinate and control Dixingian. Why would he be on the surface? To see his lover?” - Da Qing

“But with his looks, he doesn’t seem to be the kind who would have a lover.”- Zhao Yunlan

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