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Wei Ying & Lan Zhan: Untold Stories - Chapter 2 "Wangxian"

Others saw him as cold.

An observation Second Young Master Lan had never refuted.

The iciness he had accepted…

Be it appearance or within, his warmth could not be mustered. Untouchable, no different than the Bitter Frost, but unlike the Undead Immortal Cultivator, Song Lan, HanGuang Jun’s detachment was ingrained.

His fire….

The flame extinguished long ago,

When the child stood in the midst of snow.

Believing others had lied...

The stubborn youth kept vigil for the smile from the other side.

Awaiting…The wishful child yearned to hear the teasing voice that brought him joy,

Which had delighted his heart since he was a boy.

Still...No matter how long he persisted,

That person no longer existed.


The child’s solid heart stayed,

Since the days of the fallen frost.

Until...A trespasser dared to block his blade,

Unbeknownst, their stars had crossed.

Intrigued at first glance,

For however long, he did not know…

Or did not wish to know,

Lan Wangji, the Jade of Gusu, knew he was entranced.

Foe, adversary...rival?

No, it was none of these.

Yet, Second Young Master Lan could not decipher what was he.

Under the moonlit sky, Wei Wuxian’s devilish side shone in his twinkling eyes, which taunted...teased…


So brightly they were lit, outshining even the celestial orb above. That moment was the period of Chang’e, the Mythical Moon Goddess, who would have fully shined. But her beauty, the magic bestowed by mortal’s love, transcending even time...desisted.

All due to the two swordsmen under her sky.

Unyielding, their swords continued to clash in her presence. The youths of that time fought, though fiercely their swords collided, the winner to this day remains undecided.

However, tonight, as though she knew this moment would come, the shy Goddess above covered her sky. The development was past due, although the battle was of a different nature in the present.

Beneath was the man who clung for dear life. Eager lips and desperate bites...Engulfed one’s senses when their basic needs slipped them further down its path. Their lips joined after a long while, each seeking the pace without running out of breath. Unschooled in such an intimate act, neither knew what they were doing, short or long, the length they did not know, a rhythm was soon established.

More potent than a drug, more intoxicating than Emperor’s smile or even the strongest wine. Foreign these feelings may be, but with them came the waves of ecstasy.

If this was a dream, Lan Wangji would dare not wake.

Countless days, be it day or night; those fantasies were all the same -- a yearning for which had brought him shame. Ravenous to be accurate. Was it wrong to want a taste? Other than the bland flavor of life, Second Young Master Lan had waited...starved.

Unabashed, Wei Wuxian continued to beg for his touches and moaned for his kisses. But not to heal or to soothe, but eliciting acts of carnal sin.

Suddenly, Lan Wangji gasped, eyes momentarily opened, when he felt the other’s tongue seeking his. Surprised, but not defeated, his eyes closed and countered the attack. Swirled, swept from the current, his body drowned.

Without darkness, how could the moon shine? The yin to his yang, the cabbage, and his swine.

For years Lan Wangji had held back, because he didn’t dare.

Dared not tarnish, dared not stain. Unquenched, the decades-old hunger remains. A fasting like no other. Not once had Lan Wangji ever had the chance to savor to his heart's content. The hands that held, the body that shielded, but each and every time, releasing Wei Ying, Lan Zhan knew he must.

He had to let go, or he would not be able to resist the only warmth that could melt his heart.

Observant, concise -- HanGuang Jun’s steps to his demure nature, nothing would have been out of place. Controlled, overly suppressed, to say the least, the Jade that should be made of stone...who would have thought, it could melt?

Abruptly as it was, the day had come for the wall to crumble. The indestructible shield, layered by ice and steel -- dissolved by Wei Ying’s eager touch. Stripped from his outer garments, by none other than the impatient man beneath. Hurried hands pulled at his clothes, their kiss never broken. The many layers of thick and thin, exposing the porcelain skin, pure as snow itself. A stark contrast to the golden skin, a body once bathed under the sun among lotus blossoms bloomed.

Though tempted and enticed, something still didn’t seem right. Breaking from their kiss, Lan Wangji stopped the hurried hands pulling at the rest of the layers. “Wei Ying, wait!” he gasped, drawing strength he didn’t know he had.

But those relentless hands still ventured inside Lan Wangji’s clothes because no one could tell Wei Wuxian to wait or not. If anyone could have stopped him from doing what he wanted, he wouldn’t be Wei Wuxian. Lan Wangji caught those resisting wrists and forced them beside his head, restraining the man beneath him in place.

“HanGuang, what’s wrong?” A familiar pout spread, followed by Wei Wuxian’s accusing tone. “Why are you being a bully? Let me go.”

“Wei Ying...” squeezing his eyes closed, he prayed his rationale would return as he spoke unsteadily, “We-we should stop.”

“Why?” he furrowed, like a confused untried child. For a split second Lan Wangji had a thought that Wei Ying could not comprehend the severity of their situation. Once crossed, they could not go back as they once were. But that idea dissolved when Wei Wuxian arched the lower half of his body, pressing shamelessly against Lan Wangji’s.

While one was naked, the other was no longer protected by his heavy layers. Only thin silk undergarments separated them. The action shot through him like an electric current. More powerful than a physical hit, which HanGuang Jun was immune to when it came to physical pain. However, this was a mixture of pain and pleasure, causing Lan Wangji to gasp. Eyes widening in shock.

The signs were present before, but there is no denying it now.

Wei Ying...Wei Ying...he...

Flush from head to toe, it took Lan Wangji all that he could muster, and he still almost failed. “Wei Ying, st-stop...don’t!”

The Devil, who looked more like a Fox Demon with his soaked appearance, did not heed. “But, I’m cold,” the cunning Fox exclaimed.

Obviously the statement was not true. Wei Wuxian’s body was burning hot, almost on fire.

Lan Wangji did not argue, instead, he replied, “I’ll-I’ll bring you your clothes.”

“My clothes are dirty.”


“Can’t you warm me?”

“Wei Ying, do you know what you’re asking of me?” Lan Wangij asked, which sounded more like a plea.

“Yes…” Wei Wuxian slightly nodded, eyes appeared lost, but his desire was evident. “Xian Xian wants Lan Er GeGe to keep me warm tonight.”